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🇹🇷 Turkey's booming investments in Africa | Al Jazeera English

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on a five-day trip to four countries in West Africa. Ankara has invested heavily in the African continent.

Turkey’s interests in Africa rival the ones of former colonial powers like France and the UK, as well as China.

One of the countries Erdogan is visiting is Senegal, where Turkey has a huge influence.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Senegal’s capital, Dakar.

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  1. Love you Turkey! Uplifting Muslim countries.

  2. Very well turkey and Africa united you can give us hope against USA the invader and the menace of the world

  3. God bless Turkey to helping them and god bless ur nation specially for the leader god bless sr president

  4. Look at all the different flags in Africa. That is the source of Africa’s misery. Unite Africa under ONE banner (flag), ONE currency, ONE passport!

  5. Long Live Turkey.
    Long Live Erdogan.

  6. Thank you Turkey help rohingya Muslim Genocide history

  7. Turkey, china, russia truh help but western gangsters??

  8. Our investment will never stop. Come on Africa get stronger, but first get together #

  9. erdoGan vs erdawn —>(proper pronunciation)
    as words(turkic) migrate east to west they sometimes drop/gain a vowel in the begining of the word. sometimes B is changed to P sometimes the soft g in oguz is lost as in AUStria or the g becomes pronounce as in August.

    ertugrul becomes Arthur or ard becomes earth its fascinating lol ordek becomes duck
    maybe the word Dik(erect) becomes slang for something else 😉

    then there is a word like dawn: turkish word for east is DOgU(the g in dogu is soft like the sound of w) the word Dogu is rooted in the turkish word for birth which is dogum…and turks refer to DAWN the rising sun as do(w)an gunesh

    this will conclude our lesson for today

  10. Turkey true bros$siz Africa Muslim non .ordogan is the forefront thanks us Somalis Allah will reward you as helping the needy


  12. Then west will say that turkey spreading terror in africa by way of investments..

  13. Really , you call Fetullah Gülen Erdoğan's political rival ?
    If his coup succeed Al-Jazeera would have been a history by know because he was sponsored by UAE , Saudi and Western Powers who were determined to bring Qatar to it's knees and occupy it if necessary .
    The only man to protect you was Erdoğan .
    Make sure you research and think before you report .

  14. Super proud to be turkish!!
    I love you Africa!!

  15. 2:31 well if it's weren't us u will be colonised so be grateful

  16. long live turkey love erdogan from Ethiopia 🇪🇹🇪🇹

  17. Turkey Muslim Europe country good

  18. I'm proud of to born as a Turkish 🇹🇷 Alhamdulillah

  19. The country which they are helping not only spoken but to do it in action.. Long live Turkey! Alhamdulillah 😇


  21. Please invest your money to our country : Indonesia.
    We have been in a lot of debt because China . They don't invest their money like you, but they give us a lot of debt and our stupid government and it's follower called it as investment.

  22. 11 billion? thats not even gum money for china… xD but i hope this investments in future will be 10x as much… africa will be the new china. and china the new usa…

  23. Love Turkey from Indonesia 💜❤

  24. Ottoman Empire is Coming…….

  25. Long live Turkey, bi iznillah !!!

  26. Thnks turkey to help somalia🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😍😍

  27. Turkey is Islamic hero love from India

  28. Nobody Is Perfect Okey, But Erdogan Had Created A Lot Of Sins,Crimes and İmplement a Huge Pain In Our Nation. He Need To Restore It Until He Die. Cause There Is Still 30Million People Hates From Erdogan And %81 Of Theese People Are Univercity Educated. When He Restore A Place in Same Time Demolish Another Place . He Need To Stop With It.

  29. Salute to Turkey….!!!!! Turkey cares for his neighbouring countries unlike America who only know to destroy arab countries.

  30. Africa is becoming everybody lap dogs …slavery is coming back through debt..

  31. All this postering from Turkey… they neither have resources or the will to do as much as America has… America keeps a low profile when it gives aid but it gets all the blame for the countries problem … never knew US gave so much money to Palestinians.. now they will see who their real friends are .. and it ain’t other Arab countries

  32. Reis erdoğan ne ya? Bu birine yaptığın yardımdan sonra ona kendini reis diye söyletip minnet duymasını sağlamakla aynı. Yardım yapan minnet beklememeli. İslam da böyle buyurur.

  33. Jive Jive afrika 🇹🇷TÜRKİYE

  34. The end of Western influence.

  35. Seems to me the feathers of those fat Arab rulers are being ruffled by all this.

  36. Mr recep Tayyip erdoģan he's a great leader ottomans is back

  37. What a Pakistani flag is doing in African map?. LOL !!! Al Jazeera you dont even know Pakistan is in Asia not Africa .

  38. Viva Somalia, Viva Turkiye.

  39. Those schools sponsor terrorists so they have to be closed out… It's the only way, after that many investments I think it's okay to come to an agreement about those schools so africa stops sponsoring those Fethullah terrorists

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