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🇹🇷Missing Saudi journalist Khashoggi supporters rally in Turkey l Al Jazeera English

Supporters of missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi have rallied outside Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul and called for his release.
Khashoggi disappeared on Tuesday after entering the compound – but there are conflicting reports about where he is.
Saudi Arabia has denied abducting the journalist, who had written extensively on human rights in the kingdom.
Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal reports.

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  1. Wartawan ini kayaknya membangkang pemerintahan saudi arabia yg sedang memborbardir syiah laknatuLLah di Yaman, apa yg dilakukan pemerintah Saudi Arabia adalah kebenaran, Great for Saudi Arabia Government👍👍👍

  2. This man is probably in Saudi Arabia now. Kidnapped and returned. Don't be surprised.

  3. Kidnapped in daylight by embassy of southern Arabic , I wish he would be alright.

  4. The dog Erdogan will ignore this in his Kurdophobia.

  5. About 40 years ago, Saudi Arabia being the first, I counseled about 50 countries on the wording of a law in each country that would work to prevent anybody from using religion in government work. Saudi Arabia's law is one of the strictest-: 10 years for the first offense, 20 years for the second offense, death for the third offense. Jamal Khashoggi made his choices, nobody forced him to use religion in Saudi Arabia government work. His self -exile is a sign of guilt.

  6. The free press must be protected at ANY cost. Freedom of the press is absolutely vital to the democracy of any nation. Where is the U.S. State Dept and why haven't they pressed the Saudi's for answers? This was a reporter for the Washington Post and our State Dept needs to get involved in finding out what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. Do NOT allow tyranny to silence us!

  7. Reptiles have no human rights , ther destroying our churches so we turn away from God , they dont represent US or GOD , pedophile reptiles

  8. Who will be next. It’s a act of war.

  9. كس امك ي تركيه كس امك ي تركيه يمخنيث و مصرين كلاب تفو عليكم

  10. Saudi Arabia is the absolute worst.. To think that it’s Saudi Arabia that sits at the head of the human rights council at the UN.. 😂 it’s pathetic!

    The UN & EU are full of corrupt bureaucrats.. We need to abolish the EU and have multiple separate investigations into the UN.

  11. He's dead after few hours of his captivity. That's how these people work; keeping him alive becomes a burden.

  12. Poor guy is killed inside the consulate by the Pro-Israel camp that occupies the holy cities Makkah and Madina.

  13. 😑😑😕🤣 liars u kidnapped him so there will be war , wen u kidnapped next 1 , mind control…or liars..there will and is world war 3…can u wake up and change or 4 ever shut up

  14. Missing Saudi Journalist !? Now The President of Interpol China is missing too , Something Fishy is going on! 😕

  15. 0:11 the all seeing eye everywhere huh???

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