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🇹🇷Turkey may push for UN investigation into Khashoggi murder? l Inside Story

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not giving up. He wants more answers about the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
Erdogan’s furious at comments from the main suspect in the case – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who said Saudi Arabia could not be blamed unless the crime was proven.
The CIA reportedly believes bin Salman’s responsible, so do many U.S. politicians, but not President Trump.
But will Erdogan win support for an international investigation and can involvement from the United Nations make any difference?

Presenter: Richelle Carey
Vehbi Baysan, Professor of History at Ibn Haldun University.
Barin Kayaoglu, Assistant Professor of World History at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani.
Saad Djebbar, International Lawyer.

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  1. Turkish President and Aljazeera like fury dogs to bring any thing up agents MBS because he getting more support in region

  2. The "Smoking Saw" that goes around will surely comes around. It's the law of Karma and MBS should be worried about that.

  3. Why has not Un & nato never investigated already 😠

  4. I think people on Earth should not eat ocean animals. People do not live in the ocean. Why do you give Huma what she wants? Why do you not take the blame for the genocide of animals?

  5. The world knows MBS is the murderer.

  6. Thank you so much, President Erdogan, for continuing to try to get justice for Jamal Khashoggi!!

  7. Oh please!!! Why don't you investigate Erdogan? Didn't he imprison hundreds of journalists and God knows what many other crimes he has committed ..you are biased just like the rest of the fake news. Ur relentlesness or witch hunt against MBS makes one sick!!!

  8. Khashoggi is Wahhabi for Kosher.

  9. Turkish have killed many innocent, Khashoggi girl friend call the police and but they don't show up until he was bagged and tagged and cleaned. Dark matter is Growing. Deceptions are Flying. God is dying.

  10. Bring MBS to prosecution…. Find the missing dead body.
    Justice for Jamal Kasshogi should happen at all costs.

  11. Reminder: Saudi has a seat at the UN Human Rights Council till 2019. 😕

  12. erdogan himself a puppet dictator a murder who put the loss of journalist in prison killing his own people,, he just the Showman he Love's publicity in World stage

  13. What a Gorgeous reporter..! Lol

  14. As soon as MBS agrees to keep the US dollar for oil sales, the US will make all this just disappear.

  15. I think AJ is the only media that I've seen that's keeping this crime current. Like other incidents, it'll fade to a distant memory. Trump is doing the right thing by remaining neutral in order to maintain relations which can affect fuel prices and economies.

  16. Hows about why Lizards don't want this Knight reaching there Father of The Flame … why they ignore real justice and keep you distracted with there propagated media? Hmm brainwashing oh yeah 24-7

  17. Should have cut Saad. It is annoying when somebody acts as if the show was about them.

  18. Julian Assange a jounalist and editor is in arbitrary detention, beeing tortured inside an embasy in the heart of London

  19. I know I love America. But I also know, that this is a international maybe. One mans death is nothing compared to what Asad did to HIS people. Its sad what happened but this can cause a very bad issue. So keep ypur comments intelligent and productive. Stop saying hate things cause its showing how smart you are…about zero intelligence.

  20. we can't depend on Turkey for this investigation they support NATO and Saudi also do the same…this is all stage show for the viewers to keep them entertained and on the edges of their seats

  21. What about all the journalist imprisoned by turkey without trial.

  22. The smile is great Mohammad Salman you are exonerated you did not do it your smile is the proof. Lol

  23. If you watch MBS on most videos very carefully, you will notice he is always blowing his nose. In my opinion, this is a common thing you see with cocaine sniffers. After snorting cocaine for long-term, it damages nasal passages. So you see them always blowing their nose. I wonder if anyone else is paying attention to this.

  24. Looks like MBS and Iran's regime going to be over soon and smells like MBS was set up because turkey been torturing it's news reporters for years I believe they have over 200 of them and their jail being tortured and nobody talked s*** about that so what happened all the sudden all this b***** pops up. The bottom line he's Saudis have been doing this for so many years it's just for some reason turkey wanted to f*** them

  25. Mr. Turkey stop inwestigating Jamal k. Enough is enough

  26. It’s the way 👍🏻 🇹🇷 🇺🇳⚖️

  27. Thank you! I really want to visit the place of Korea, Republic of

  28. Unsafe places and spaces
    Consulates are supposed to be safe places
    Now the game changes
    Nothing is off limits, when it comes down to murder.

  29. The reason why Trump does not want to condemn MBS “yet” and I underscore the word “yet”, is that he wants to milk the Saudis so much before slaughtering the cow. The cow (the Saudis) is rich with milk and it would be a shame to slaughter the cow before milking it. This is the tactic the Americans are playing. They want to suck the Saudis out dry of their billion dollar reserves and use that money to rebuild the US. Once the Americans do this, they will finish off the Saudis.

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