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🇺🇦 Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukraine's presidential vote: Exit polls | Al Jazeera English

Ukrainian comedian Volodomyr Zelensky has won the presidential election by a landslide.
His rival Petro Poroshenko has conceded defeat but has vowed to continue fighting from the opposition ranks.

Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker reports from Kiev.

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  1. Can Volodomyr Zelensky Make Ukraine Great Again

  2. The US elects a reality tv show host as President

    Ukraine: hold my vodka….

  3. First Donald Trump, now this… wow. Humans are dumb.

  4. Someone give Porechenko a chocolate 🍫

  5. It's a Joke… Lol 😂 😂 😂

  6. For those who don’t know, I am Ukrainian, Poroshenko was the worst president ever known, all he thought about was how to benefit that lead to corruption and failure of the country and its citizens, that got sunken into poverty and misery like never before

  7. Actors running for presidency is a new global trend. Politicians are not good enough any more. Don't you think so?

  8. Hope he doesn't turn out to be a NATO puppet

  9. Comedy and Politics are the same. They are both jokes. I already lost my faith in politics, politics is just equal to business, everything is just about money, and power. But well, maybe this comedian can change the history of politics?

  10. congratulations to Ukrainians

  11. 27% is not strong at all .

  12. Haha the Absolute state of modern democracy, we are the last men indeed. This is surely going to be a pattern from now on first Obama then trump macron the Pakistani Cricket player Imran
    Khan and so on… it's obvious these are all just product for consumption just like everything else. Elections are just a game of popularity and certainly not a contest of who is more fit to lead or rule, things are watered down to a Pageant of who is more interesting and definitely not a good or competent way, Gee it's is almost as if changing the leader has no effect these days merely a facade for the people to be distracted with while the real decisions are made somewhere else. How long since we hear first Horse president or first "robot" president lol.

  13. Comedians becoming presidents is not a good idea: remember Guatemala's Jimmy Morales

  14. Квартал победил.Теперь обхохочемся.

  15. A comedian for a president ?

  16. this is not a joke right?

  17. It's the fourth month of the year ,by the end of the year , Ukrainians will see and know what their new President stands for .

  18. The United States Democratic party are all comedians.

  19. Jewish president and Jewish prime minister in a country of 44 million non Jews and 350k Jews is a miricle

  20. The exact same thing happened in Guatemala with Jimmy Morales

  21. Haha l like this president

  22. Yang kesini gara² Ig dn lainnya ??

  23. Well done , Putin will never achieve a win like this.

  24. Either he will die or win!
    No alternative left….Putin surely has something cooking.;)

  25. Does anyone have a link talking about his program?

  26. The people of Ukraine have spoken. And Puppet Poroschenko is loathed by the Ukrainian people. Congratulations to Ukraine and it's people for choosing another Democratically elected official. Let's pray that this guy can do better for Ukraine that the last 2 morons that were Democratically elected by the people of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini.

  27. So happy, moronshenko US puppet kicked out. Unite back to RUSSIA now. Ukraine wont neglect.

  28. Let new wind blow through a land of Ukraine!

  29. Although Ukraine is an old friend of China, I can't help but want to curse people. Your political system and politicians' ability is really too low.

  30. Hope the best for him an Ukraine, hope he will manage to clean up corruption on all sides of the political spectrum and stand up to Russia while help to diminish the violence.

    Will be interesting to see, but could fear for his life, those who benefits from status quo won't be happy about this.

  31. Things will get cheeki breeki now

  32. Ukraine now officially a Joke,
    Russia certainly the comedian.


  34. Ukraine was always a joke.

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