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🇺🇦Ukraine far-right militia tries to exploit martial law | Al Jazeera English

The emergency measures by Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko have unsettled many people there and raised political tensions.
Far-right militias are trying to capitalise on it to gain more support, but they have also been accused of vigilante violence and activism.

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports from Kharkiv in Ukraine.

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  2. There is no Far Right only people defending Ukraine it's only because they have White Skin we see so much Racism towards European country's

  3. I hate Communists, to me Russia is still communist!

  4. I note the 'SS' style symbol. Nationalism the realm of idiots and losers.

  5. Humanity is in a downward spiral.

  6. I thought your reporter was UN Sec. Gen Antonio Guterees, until the reporters name appeared.

  7. Russia was wrong to invade Crimea and support separatists, but Ukraine should not be funding these people.

  8. This is the equivalent if the KKK was allowed once again to organize its terrorism all over the country. I've been to Western Ukraine twice and these idiots are out all over the place threatening violence against all that oppose their rotten politics.

  9. I think you mean the US and Israel funded Nazis.

  10. thats why russia has every right to defend their ethnic groups in the ukraine from this american trained and paid fascists movement actually terror group

  11. When you respond to violence by violence, you are contributing to kick off a war.

  12. Since when is a militia "far right??"

  13. Us Americans stand with Ukraine. Russia is a bully.

  14. Pakistan buttchered thousands of Russian bastards in afghanistan.Which led to defeat of USSR and eventually breakdown of USSR in 13 states.If pakistan can do it so can Ukraine love from pakistan❤

  15. Time for Ukrainians to fight these militias via guerrilla warfare and sabotage.

  16. We will not go to world war 3 for this bullsh**

  17. Ukrainians and Russians are sisters and brothers

  18. Ukraine is literally an embarrassment. You have a clown for a president who goes in TV interview all the time begging for attention he’s not getting. Apart from the other tie-eating clown Saakashvili a decade ago, can you think of a bigger clown for a head of state?

  19. CIA/Mossad/MI6 Trained Terrorist.

  20. So now we know who sponsors this channel, equating the mourning of their soldiers with nationalist and far right movements is misleading and is narrowing the discussion progressively, dissent is far right, liberalism and independence of nations are far right, the whole right left narrative is cancerous we shouldn’t be speaking in this false dicotomy, anyone who phrases things in this manner has an agenda

  21. Don't fight wars for politicians and ideology as corrupted as the word itself….that is the reality i have conveyed to US Marines ….and I found a way to preserve their integrity by unifying the US in that way

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