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🇺🇸🇨🇳Apple blames weak iPhone China sales as it cuts revenue forecast l Al Jazeera English

Shares in Apple have closed down ten percent in US trading, in its worst session since 2013.
It comes after CEO Tim Cook surprised investors with the announcement that it’s slashing revenue expectations by up to $9bn dollars.
He’s partly blaming the US-China trade war for this.
Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

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  1. i would rather buy land in March than buying greedy iphone.

  2. extremely overpriced product !

  3. Has America released the kidnapped Huawei lady yet?

  4. China makes its own phones now after stealing you're tech ☕☕☕☕☕🐸🐸🐸🐸

  5. Apple is being really greedy…
    Like who in the world wants to spend thousands just for a phone or tablet… or a computer.
    Making a thousand bucks is not easy in Asia … If you convert $$ into an Asian country’s currency, unless you’re very rich.
    Lower the price a little bit and see how many people buy your products, everyone will buy it .

  6. We need to accept the fact that iPhone is basically for show off , with half price We can have a luxurious Chinese phone with almost every options, then why spend extra bucks for iPhone ?

  7. This is what I personally waiting for, for at least for two years.
    Now the time is Up and That China Mobile which Dominated African market is posing A threat on APPLE IPHONE WHICH is world Class Mobile.
    Believe me there is more to Come

  8. There are phones with better features and quality at reasonable cost, thats why people dont opt for Apple. Its as simple as that…not trade war bla bla bla..plus the Apple customer care is pathetic

  9. I love huawei phones…simple to use yet very efficient and up to date…

  10. Next he is going to blame India for the poor sales!😂😂

  11. Apple isn't going to do well in China they are loyal to Chinese brands on the whole and especially tech

  12. Apple 🍎 you have to blame Trump ….@@@@@@@@

  13. why won't they buy the new 2,000 USD iphone or the new 5,000 USD macbook pro?!

  14. more expensive,but not more useful

  15. This is the problem, they always try to kill the competitor one way or other so that they have the total control, its good news china have wide shoulders to stand up against these thugs money worshipers.

  16. People are just buying the name Apple…others phones can do the same as an apple and for a much lower price…1,000 for a phone? I will never do it!…

  17. Why would u want apple when you have cheap xiaomi, Huawei and one plus!
    It’s not just China everyone is switching to cheaper options.

  18. tbh, it's all about the price

  19. There will be more to come if USA keep on bullying Asians, more of their companies will fall 🙂
    Let them buy their own products lol
    I am not spending another cent on USA products.

  20. Chinese and Asian people's, we need to boycott Canadian products, services and media

  21. I can't upgrade to a new phone every year, these are just getting out of hand. So will there be an Iphone 11 next year and what will make it better then the last one?

  22. I cant believe hes that ignorant of the fact China stole his tech and now makes it far better and doesnt try ripe you off for its brand name. Of course you aint gonna sell your ripe off phone in China you idiot.

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