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🇺🇸 Alabama governor clears near-total abortion ban bill | Al Jazeera English

The governor of the US state of Alabama, Kay Ivey, has signed into law a controversial abortion bill that outlaws the procedure in almost all cases.
The only exception being when a woman’s health is at serious risk.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from Birmingham, Alabama.

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  1. The republicans states 😍😍😍 cuz they don’t have bad cultures like democracy states anybody knows what I’m talking about? Lol

  2. Isn’t shame for women who doesn’t want see this law cuz they want kill babies 👶 and put risk mother’s healthy. I absolutely support this law cuz it’s good for the babies and also for the women.

  3. What a joy !!! CONGRATULATIONS ALABAMA !!!!!! At last, reason overcame, the life of defenseless beings; against mass murders of defenseless beings. Long live those patriots who pushed the law! May God Bless you for defending the life that only God gives and no one, but NO ONE in this world can take away !!! 🎉🎊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. abortion or baby's killer's led terrorists organization or warmongers is at again…lol. can't breeed like rabbit, EUROPEANS CONTROL'S, OR crackdowns on itself again.. OR MORE'S DECLINE INSTEAD.. ALLAH'S AKBAR.

  5. abortion or baby's killer's led strikes AGAIN.. hilarious & funny.. Allah's AKBAR….wow so called civilized or peaceful again…lol!. or OR BARBARIC LAW'S instead.

  6. not paying child support is a man's right!

  7. They claim to care about children yet they support politicians Who vote in favor of wars that drop bombs on villages filled with children.. disgusting hypocrisy

  8. i am also against abortion but to criminalize it should be just when the fetus is 2 month

  9. So long it's in Republican States; I support breeding laws.

  10. In the spirit of "a more perfect union" the public must begin to counter and get out ahead of these confederate states governors and legislatures by organizing petition awareness and drives to bring certain issues before the public for consideration visa vie: abortion rights, former felons voting rights restored, school funding, etc..

  11. INEZ Qtaish is against abortions.

  12. A woman should have the right to abort the child. If the woman does not want the baby it is more merciful to abort the baby. If the mother doesn't want the child and is force to bring it to full-time than the child is likely to be abuse

  13. The Alabama governor is a woman 👩🏼!! If this the case why females aren’t mad at themselves ?

  14. They haven’t taken a breathe yet, whatever is best for the child and mother- thats the step that should be taken- the right step. We’re talking about alabama here, theres just stupidity and incest there what do u expect


  16. How is Alabamba's abortion law compare to Qatar's abortion law?

  17. Conservative policies are so draconian and have no place in modern society.

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