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🇺🇸 Anti-Trump, pro-war: An insider’s critique of the US media | The Listening Post (Full)

On The Listening Post this week: An NBC News reporter’s resignation letter excoriates US media coverage of foreign policy and national security issues. Plus, conspiracy theories and the media.

William Arkin: An insider’s critique of the US media
When William Arkin, a veteran national security reporter with NBC and MSNBC, wrote his resignation email last week, he shared it with his colleagues.

It was then leaked to other news outlets. Among Arkin’s criticisms of his former employer that by incessantly covering the presidency of Donald Trump, the network is being held hostage by Trump; that in its reflexively anti-Trump coverage, it has become even more promilitary; that NBC and MSNBC are now captives of the security state.

But American news consumers are tuning in to MSNBC, and its anti-Trump agenda, in record numbers. Armed with those kinds of ratings, what corporate-owned news channel would risk alienating its shareholders by changing tack?


Eric Alterman – Columnist, The Nation
William Arkin – Former defence reporter, NBC News
Anoa Changa – Host, The Way with Anoa
Aaron Mate – Journalist
Cenk Uygur – Creator & host, The Young Turks

On our radar
Richard Gizbert speaks to producer Johanna Hoes about a Nigerian military raid on the offices of one of the largest newspapers in the country; and the CBS 60 Minutes’ interview with President Abdel Fattah El Sisi that Egyptian media pretended did not happen.

Conspiracy theories and the media
Conspiracy theories are a growth industry and can affect politics.

Last year, one such theory may have helped reelect Hungarian President Viktor Orban. And Donald Trump peddled a few of them on his way to the White House.

The thing about conspiracy theories is that journalists don’t really know how to cope with them. Debunking them fails to convince those who believe the media are lying to them. And the exposure that comes with countering them introduces people to conspiracies they had never heard of before.

The Listening Post’s Will Yong looks at conspiracy theories, the media and the consequences they can have in the real world.


Travis View – Co-Host, QAnon Anonymous Podcast
Kelly Weill – Reporter, The Daily Beast
Shannon McGregor – Communications Professor, University of Utah

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  1. These conspiracy theories only happen ON THE RIGHT! Lets be honest here

  2. Al Jazeera represents death to infidels and Hala is great propaganda!

  3. The people who want war are the ones who back Trump… they are trying very hard to incite otherwise peaceful people to revolt. They want civil war, they want to divide and weaken America, and America is perhaps damned if they do something and damned if they don't. If they don't fight Trump and expose his handlers they let their nation be dismantled by a puppet and set a dangerous precedent, yet if they do fight him they risk escalating violence and war. The media is right to be anti-Trump, the question is: is it playing into the hands of their enemy anyway? Because either way American weakness and hypocrisy is now on display, their reputation tarnished. Think about who profits and revels in that.

  4. MSM do the same as ALT media. Ask people to ONLY use offisial news sites. But, can we trust MSM?
    9/11 Something is missing
    Iraq – Weapon of mass destruction?
    All lies about Trump?

    Not evry conspiracy theory is rigth, but the true about EVERY war US ever been involved in has started as a conspiracythery, who exposed the real conspiracy.

  5. I don't think that US media is pro war, but the I think the fact is they are surprised with a withdraw (while leaving their allies on battle field). However I enjoyed the today's Listening Post



  8. Crisis Actors actually exist though, several companies ready to take money. They help with training emergency services. It's not a conspiracy theory, those companies exist and other things that are strange coincidences that are never acknowledged. I think the Q stuff looks crazy but I agree the mainstream media sucks and AJ sucks too if they allow this to pass for intelligent coverage.

  9. Nothing came out of the North Korea "Deal", the USA could at least traded the Syrian American positions with Russia East Ukraine occupations, it didn't have to be in Syria, but since it was might as well use the leverage to gain SOMETHING. You don't need to be a warmonger to realise it.

    Oh the big network's, have been the same since for the last decades.

  10. "Far right narrative about Jewish control".😀

  11. Surprised to see TYT here, last I heard they were stunningly shallow.
    MSNBC is the worst of them all.

  12. wow good news thanks for the info

  13. THE STORM IS COMING… RIGHT? That's what your President was saying.

  14. The Egyptian media guy is hysterical, kul, kul kul! ha, ha ha..😂

  15. America and Americans are warmongers. Just read America’s history, America is in every war anywhere happening and the same time no single bomb hit America’s soil.

  16. Trump is Evil and must DIE!

  17. I guess the whole world are nationalists too. France, Germany. Brazil, etc.. Keep up the fight!

  18. tell you why democrats disgusts me it is because hillary stole votes from bernie and that was acceptable for the practice of the democrats party it is a weak man that does not fight for what is his or the american people my impressing is that democrats lie cheat steal kill whatever it takes i have seen for the first time in my life a real man guarding his house and all you democrats do is try to screw him over even though you can see what Trump is doing ,and how he is doing it is working

  19. For all it's faults- the over the top coverage and commentary by people like Lawrence O'donnell,Chris hayes , the guys at Morning Joe and TRMC- MSNBC's coverage captures the grave threat to the American Republic-

    It unfair to expect MSNBC a commercial broadcaster to ignore a Ratings gold mine like TRUMP-unlike DW,the BBC or Al Jazeera English
    it has to follow the money- it also not correct to say the networks only cover trump and ignore other things- the NBC-CNBC AND MSNBC Network does cover many aspects of the socio-political and economic life of contemporary America

    Treating Trump with like a normal Leader would be foolish- He will if given the chance destroy orr seriously harm the Republic. If you were to ask people living in Dictatorships like Zimbabwe or Eretria how they would like A Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes reporting on your dictator 24/7 IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE THEY WOULD say yes why not.

  20. It's not a secret that Zionists have massive influence over the politicians in the US & hence, over world affairs. Jews also own & run most of the US media which further reinforces this influence. The US finance industry also has this trait but to a lesser extent. Al Jazeera likening this to "lizard people" is a cop-out.

  21. Kardeşim yahudiler kafir değil dir ehl-i kitaptır sadece yönetenleri israil dinsiz yetiştirmeye çalışıyor yanlış tır bu

  22. Everyone with a logical mind knows trump is front face for white-ethno nationalism and zionism. Many white nationalist groups have backed Trump because they knew his administration will create policies to stimulate white nationalist grip in the USA, and trigger white ethno nationalism in the west aswell as support Zionism guided by Eurpean Jews in the west. Dont get fooled by all these leftist media channels …they are like ''controlled opposition'' that basically feeds the '' people '' with illusion they are anti-trump……but they are actually helping him even more to get ''the agenda' across….by being the so called ''anti-voice''.

    Trump has provided a platform for steve bannon to go international and have meetings with so called rightwing groups/parties…..who essence are poltical cover groups for white ethno-nationalist/white supremacist/identitarian movements. All this anti-mexican, build the wall, stop mass immigration, anti-islam, China and North Korea being a potential threat etc etc…..is nothing new people…..there are books, films etc where they where all planning and speaking of this already in the 1940's 1970's and forward. how they have to keep non-western worlds at bay as they would become threats in 21st century and look and behold.

    Trump doenst speak to ''all americans'' he speaks to his core group…..white americans with a white ethno-nationalist ideologie…..who feel the time ticking….and actions have to be taken. Dont let the codewords/doggwhistle full you with all this ''make america great again''. And all this fuzz of the fake-liberal media of the west.

  23. Trump said Mexico will pay for walls hahahaha liar.
    Trump said trade war easy to win hahahaha manipulator.
    Trump forces employees works without pay and holding them as a hostages for walls negotiation.

  24. i started ignoring the talking heads years ago. (1991 desert storm) he is right overall but taking 30 years to figure it out diminishes his credibility. by the way the same thing is happening in academia related to research. please the corporations, protect profits, and be happy in the corporate states of America.

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