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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Could Kavanaugh case affect the US midterm elections? l Inside Story

Kavanaughโ€™s been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl when he was at college in the 1980โ€™s.
Both he and his accuser testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee before the White House ordered a one-week FBI investigation.
The case has sparked protests and social media campaigns, and if that anger is translated into votes in Novemberโ€™s midterm elections it could swing Congress to the Democrats.
But Republican President Donald Trump is standing by his nominee and actually thinks the controversy will benefit his party.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Jeff Hauser – Center for Economic and Policy Research
Rina Shah – Conservative Commentator and Republican Strategist
John Neffinger – Democratic Strategist

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  1. Rina Shah. preach your leftist ideas in Venezuela.

  2. I weep for the freedom of my country when I discover at this early occasion of its productive experiment that corruption has been imputed to many members of the House of Representatives, while the human rights of the people have been bartered for promises of office.

  3. Even the "Republican" on the panel is anti-Kavanaugh. Boo!
    1.) Ford — high school, not college. 2.) NO corroboration; many refutations.

  4. muchos de los funcionarios que gobiernan en estados unidos ya son viejos que piensan muy sonso estos ya no sirven para pensar bien y decidir con buenas decisiones deberian de ayudar a criar a sus nietos mas bien que estar tomando decisiones que le corresponden a personas mas capacitadas mentes frescas

  5. More anti-Trump bias and unbalance journalism.

  6. Americans are disgusting thank god for zarqawi

  7. Al Jazeera is anti Trump and anti America.

  8. The man is pro government, pro business and anti human rights. Americunts get what they deserve.

  9. Kavanaugh is as evil as trump and the American cabal

  10. The (paid soros activist) survivors!

  11. Judge K in! And RED WAVE in Nov!

  12. In less than 3 minutes he twice said incorrectly that this was at a college party when they were high schoolers. Need I say more.

  13. White male privilege is the slow crumble of America.


  15. It balls down to Kavanagh being President Trump's trump card against potential indictment and impeachment. Those in the power of vote made a decision based on knowing the fact that Ford's testimony is valid and Kavanaugh's morality is compromised and in question especially after his display of his temperament and uncomfortable nature when questioned.

  16. Yes there will be more walk away to the right !!

  17. Typical. The woman commentator is no conservative. Al Jazeera is spelled, "CNN". No true conservative commentator present.

  18. Kavanaugh is a distraction america is about to invade Venezuela

  19. It matters nothing how many believe or disbelieve Ford. In the USA, law is not religion. Law requires fact, not fiction. Under the rule of law, there is no concrete proof of Ford's allegations. Under the law, the accused remain innocent until proven guilty. Ford's lawyers were either incompetent or unprincipled for even a lay person understood she has no case.

  20. Don't you just adore Al Jazeera hosting folk who sneer at a "very old patriarchal atttitude" That attitude is nowhere more predominant in this world than in muslim majority countries and Al Jazeera is very pro-islam.

  21. Kavanaugh may not have raped but he still isn't suited to be a judge!

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