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🇺🇸 Recovering from Rehab: Work-based Drug Therapy in the US | Fault Lines

In the midst of an American drug epidemic, low-cost drug treatment has been in high demand, and across the United States, treatment facilities are offering clients a simple solution: check into rehab and work a job to pay for your treatment.

The result has been a national trend called work-based rehab, often celebrated by drug court judges seeking a cheaper way to send people to treatment instead of prison.

But there’s a catch: the jobs for private companies that clients work are unpaid, the workplaces are often dangerous, and the labour practices that underpin the entire system could well be illegal.

In Recovering from Rehab, Fault Lines and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting investigate The Cenikor Foundation, one of the nation’s largest and most lucrative work-based rehab programmes.

Cenikor’s residential rehab facilities in Texas and Louisiana have partnered with more than 300 companies in the past five years, sending thousands of clients to work inside the oil and gas, warehouse, manufacturing, and construction industries – a practice that has garnered about $36m.

Drawing on the accounts of former staff who blew the whistle on this practice, we tell the stories of four men who were promised a chance at recovery from drug addiction – and are now recovering from rehab instead.
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  1. My treatment program was 3 weeks, then straight to work.

    Getting away from all the drama at sober living and outpatient and getting back to living, being responsible turn out to be the right ingredients.

    Having to pay rent and buy food provide me with the incentives i needed.

    I celebrated four years last December 2018.

    I'm tremendously grateful that I'm experiencing freedom from my addiction today.

    I took the direction of healing my emotional wounds – I applied forgiveness in areas where I was not willing to do so previously – subsequently the burden of my emotional wounds took its toll.

    Now that I've been granted the freedom of eliminating the burden of the emotional baggage I experienced a freedom then I never knew possible.

    Sometimes I go for months without being stressed or burdened with anger /resentment.

    Free at last free at last free at last.

    Very often happy joyous and free

  2. Where can I find a list of the 300+ companies contracting with Cenikor?

  3. Contact BizerLaw at 504-619-9999
    For unpaid wages!!!!!

  4. For real?!?! These dudes are massive vaginas!!

  5. I lived in America and Europe what I have learned is the BLUE EYED PIGS are the worst criminals in the world I am an African proud ZAMBIAN THEY are the worst blood suckers of humans for many years I lived in America for four yrs Green card holder I couldn’t stand the exploitation of human. beings

  6. Is speaking out about Cenikor and forcing them to redistribute profits back to the clients part of the treatment model? Probably not.

  7. It's very true there was barely any treatment for addiction the main focus there was work smh. This really hurts our feelings because I was desperate to live so I stayed😔

  8. Me and My boyfriend graduated from this 2 year rehab in 2017 Cenkior in Baton Rouge, La
    We all did work at large companies for free while Cenikor received our weekly pay checks for almost 2 years. That's the choice I made when I went there to get help for my addiction🤷 Thats how I feel. I would've never got this job with my felony conviction background. Not one place would hire me before I went to Cenikor. That made me feel so hopeless and helpless made me questioned so many times why should I stop shooting dope if I can't even get a job to get off the streets😥 Even though I worked at my job for over a year without getting a paycheck was definitely worth it for me. I proved to this company I can work even though I'm a convicted felon and recovery herion addict. For almost two years now I have been hired on with this company with full benefits and insurance. I'm truly grateful my job motivates me to stay clean and sober!

    The program had it's pro's and con's
    We both have great jobs now even with our record🤷 and most important still clean and sober💯💖

    Maybe the program did take advantage of us HOMELESS, ADDICTS, ALCOHOLICS, AND FELONS they knew we were at ROCK BOTTOM and society really don't care about those kind of people 😔

  9. As a person who attended cenikor three seperate times from 2009 to 2017 with a total of 50+ months trying to save my life from iv meth addiction and finally now a graduate and personally know atleast one of these people this is trash on most levels you chiose to be there no one is forced quit crying or leave the program again I am a graduate I am sober today and gained an awesome job as an electrician due to this program

  10. I graduated from this program years ago and learned more there than anywhere else. The report is one sided and tells the story like we are dealing with normal people. These folks are headed to prison, death, or killing someone else. No sympathy from me.

  11. People projecting bought goodness but behind the veil dabbling in the trade of something that their predecessors died fighting against. This isn't capitalist greed but rather a disdain on humanity itself

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