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🇺🇸 Running to be first female Native American in Congress | Al Jazeera English

The upcoming US midterm elections will feature a large number of female first-time candidates, including Deb Haaland, who is seeking to become the first female Native American ever elected to the US Congress.
Haaland’s supporters say that she will bring a unique voice to Congress if she wins the election.
Native Americans are running for office in greater numbers around the country, with over 100 Native candidates competing for various offices this election cycle.
Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from New Mexico.

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  1. Get back on the reservation

  2. Can one fight for ecosystems or against Colonization is a party lobbied to colonize and destroy ecosystems?

  3. Vote for her she's a waman

  4. Fauxahontis Elizabeth Warren beat you to that. DNA test to confirm.

  5. If My Grandfather was still Alive he would say – Native Americans are like a woven Fabric no matter what tribe we come from the Fabric will never fray from a synthetic fake thread named Elizabeth Warren… He would also ask, son you do realize Democrats will take your right to bear arms away and let "All" in our Nations and trample all over our Sacred Lands…

  6. Well good for her I in support.

  7. Finally a real American rest are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants

  8. Good luck to a person elected to a people as membership of a Congress or the senate.

  9. I wish someone like that stands in Arizona I would vote her n only her

  10. Of course this is their land and their birth right, not cracker mutts.i will support

  11. I dont know why liberals love this idea of " first lady to run for something " as if we add more women by force not by capabilities will solve world's problem

  12. But Warren said she was the first.

  13. End Republican Dictatorship!

  14. But
    Isn't there already a Pocahontas in the senate??

  15. The native Americans should have that land as all the Americans arrived that land from Europe and Africa and Asia in the 18th century.
    Oh I forgot, they are not Jews.


  17. I thought pocahontas Warren was the first native American????

  18. Republican have taken over fox news…24/7 they just brags about mango Mussolini & their kids… She have nothing to question beside her race….

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