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🇺🇸 What does the Mueller Report mean for President Trump? | Inside Story

U.S President Donald Trump is declaring “total victory” after the release of a censored version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on alleged collusion between his 2016 campaign and Russia. But outside Trump’s inner circle, many are reacting very differently.

At a news conference shortly before the report’s public release, Attorney General William Barr defended Trump, saying Mueller had cleared the president of any wrongdoing. But once the document was made public, many of Barr’s assertions appeared, at best, questionable.

For example, Barr told reporters that the president “co-operated fully” with Mueller’s investigation, but the report criticised Trump for refusing to agree to an in-person interview with the Special Counsel and for refusing “to provide written answers to questions on obstruction topics or questions on events during the transition”.

Barr also said that Trump had done nothing to obstruct the investigation. But according to the report, Trump ordered a top White House official to fire Mueller and then, when that official refused, ordered him to lie about it.

Perhaps most importantly, Barr repeatedly said that the report showed there had been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But it actually says the Russian government tried to help Trump’s campaign and that the campaign “expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts”.

Congressional Democrats plan to subpoena the full, unedited report along with all of its supporting documentation.

So will the Mueller report change the discussion in Washington? Or has it already become just another partisan talking point?

Richelle Carey reports.

Joe Watkins, Republican Political Strategist and Former White House Aide to George H. W. Bush
Clyde Wilcox, Professor of Government, Georgetown University
Claire Finkelstein, Professor, University of Pennsylvania Law School

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  1. The Russians are saints compared to Uncle Sam. The Russians have free healthcare and collage for a start. They help destroy vile terrorists like ISIS. They do not supply and use them as hired gangsters to overthrow democratically elected leaders like Assad – The US just wanted to plunder more oil. Tough luck there US, better luck with Iran and Venezuela. Maybe if these soft targets had nuclear ICBMs like Kim, the US would think twice about attacking them. Fact about US imperialists and oil plunderers… They don't want nukes landing on their front lawns. As to Russiagate… Fake news by the CIA backed corporate media. Neo McCarthyism only works if you're brainwashed – and stupid with it. You need Mueller to tell you it's fake?

  2. I think this president should be censured for now rather than impeached since we'd just get stuck with the Pence theocracy.

  3. I want secure elections. Secure from party actors as well as foreign actors. I care about a lot of issues including the climate crisis which simply can't wait.

  4. politicians lie. I am so surprised to hear that.

  5. Around 11:00 minute—The lady speaker is off topic. The main subject of the report and investigation is about the US “president … “ and not about “Russia…” The lady is in legal fields teaching and says something like this; I will worry for her students. Do we all see the main point?

  6. Tecumseh
    Brothers—The white people are like poisonous serpents: when chilled, they are feeble and harmless; but invigorate them with warmth, and they sting their benefactors to death.

    The white people came among us feeble; and now we have made them strong, they wish to kill us, or drive us back, as they would wolves and panthers.

    Brothers—The white men are not friends to the Indians: at first, they only asked for land sufficient for a wigwam; now, nothing will satisfy them but the whole of our hunting grounds, from the rising to the setting sun.

  7. @ the 12:12 mark she asked about Russian meddling. The Russians started meddling in 2014 that we know of. Obama's administration did nothing about it. Trump wasn't even running for president yet and they knew. Seems to me that the Obama administration knew about Russian meddling and didn't care unless an opponent got caught. Which he didn't.

  8. I was convinced Trump was a Double Agent for Putin!

  9. The downfall of the treasonous fake stream media begins…👍🏽 surely NO ONE watches cnn and msnbc seriously… only for a laugh or to see what the cabal are pushing…🤔 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020

  10. Why does it matter? We all know there's people in Washington that decides whos the next president disregarding the votes of American citizens. Comment below if u think democracy is dead.

  11. My country now for sale to everyone by trump.

  12. I hope that Trump will be removed soon. He is insane, evil, a liar, who destroys families. The report of Mueller is showing us very clear, and we haven't seen all, that he is not innocent, as Barr wants the people to believe.

  13. It is your job, CONGRESS, to impeach Donald Drumpf.


  15. Are the Republicans anti American?

  16. CONGRESS impeach this poor excuse for a president.

  17. This GOP speaker is as useless as an anchor on a sinking ship..
    How bout trump impeached..
    GOP average Joe called voters stupid… Lmao

  18. Lol.. Sarah Hucksters daddy has commercial running on this upload.

  19. If u want the link look at Facebook

  20. Trump has been an abject Failure as president. His actions are consistent with the very WORST that America has to offer.
    No wonder so many Americans – a clear majority of Americans just hate him.
    Oh, the LIES….

  21. Bush & Obama made the mistakes that took the lives of Saddam & Gaddafi. Now Trump wants Maduro!

  22. it means Trump train 2020.

  23. Interesting spin as the story tries to muddy the waters. Facts. Russia tried to meddle. Offered help to Trumps team. All offers rejected. Trump did not collude. The report stands for itself. The AG cannot help Trump as the report is the report investigated by at least 50 other individual people. It is there findings not Bars. As Trump was not being directly investigated and there was NO NO NO NO Collusion he was not ever in a position to obstruct something that never happened. Trump also supplied written responses to questions. He was not on trial for anything. The people you smear by suggesting that they are going to jail as a consequence of the investigation are in fact going to jail on matters unrelated to the assertion of the investigation.

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