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🇺🇸Julian Assange: Have the media found him guilty? | The Listening Post (Lead)

Less than a decade ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had media outlets eating out of his hand and governments with secrets to hide on high alert. Now, he’s at the mercy of an Ecuadorian government that’s running out of patience – and he may be running out of time.

Last week, in court papers filed in the United States, in a case completely unrelated to Assange, was a paragraph confirming that a secret indictment had been filed against him. Prosecutors called it an administrative mistake, meaning a supposed clerical error.

It seemed to confirm something that Assange had always feared, but that the US Department of Justice never admitted: It wants him in jail.

However, what hasn’t been revealed in that paragraph is “what the charges are and what period of WikiLeaks activity they relate to,” points out James Ball, author of WikiLeaks: News in the Networked Era.

The clerical error took place at a court in Alexandria, Virginia, right next door to Washington, where a grand jury has reportedly been investigating Julian Assange since 2010.

Back then, WikiLeaks was in its heyday. The Iraq and Afghan war logs revealed brutal truths about those invasions, confirming war crimes previously denied by the Pentagon. And the Diplomatic Cables would later expose the US’s duplicity in its dealings with foreign governments.

Challenging powerful institutions comes with a price, says Glenn Greenwald. “There was actually a 2008 US Army report that described WikiLeaks as an enemy of the state and talked about different ways to destroy the organisation. And we can read about that document because ironically it got leaked to WikiLeaks which then published it on its own website.”

In 2010, a legal case was opened against Assange in Sweden, for sexual assault – based on the testimonies of two women. Assange denied the allegations and asked to be questioned in London, a common practice in such cases. He said he feared that going to Sweden could lead to extradition to the US.

While the Swedes eventually dropped the case without ever laying charges – a fact that seemed lost on news organisations – the UK says it will arrest Assange if he steps out of the embassy for breaching his bail conditions. It’s a standoff the UN calls a case of arbitrary detention, a denial of Assange’s human rights.

“Whatever you think of Julian, whatever you think of WikiLeaks, what has been done to him over the last six to seven years is a very sustained serious and deliberate violation of his basic liberties. And yet that has been almost entirely disregarded by the western media,” says Greenwald.

All the measures to discredit Assange are meant to punish him and serve as a deterrent for others, according to Stefania Maurizi, an investigative journalist who has probed how the Assange case has been conducted, in both Sweden and the UK.

“They fear a domino effect, they realise that inside the US intelligence community there are many people who have seen all sort of abuses. They are terrified that there could be a hundred Chelsea Mannings, a thousand Edward Snowdens. They cannot kill Julian Assange. So all they can do is use legal cases … against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, which they have done.”

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  1. Robert Muller wants him in jail because he has video on Hillary Clinton and humma abadin rapping and killing a young girl. And Hillary Clinton play for pay deals through the Clinton foundation. And seth rich gave wilkie leaks the information and he was killed by john Podesta.

  2. MSM's silence on this exposes how little they care for actual journalism.

  3. It’s funny how leftist LOVED Assange when he exposed the right, but when he went after Obama and Clinton, he’s a traitor. Transparency is GOOD. I don’t care who it exposes.

  4. If you don’t support Assange, you want to hide something. That’s the truth. He is in danger as a result.

  5. This is a complete travesty of justice.

  6. The media are the least honourable entity to pass judgement on anyone. The MSM ate innately corrupt whose loyalties have been are bought and paid for by big Government and big business, i.e. the globalists. MSM media have no honor, no credibility or moral code. They are not fit to wipe Julian Assange's boots never mind to act as judge and jury on the service he has done for democracy. Also, he has made enormous personal and family sacrifices in the pursuit of exposing the rampant corruption that is endemic in western Governments and their security agencies without any personal reward which cannot be said for the fake media.

  7. The collusion falls on the hands of the DNC. Remember Uranium One, LoL ….,. Mueller benefited.

  8. Julian Assange is a hero. If the US prosecutes him for ANYTHING, we LOSE! I AM WITH YOU Julian….
    You are my hero & the US owes you huge debt of gratitude. God be with you, my friend.

  9. Baby killers hands full of blood and Liberal petrol. Long life to Julian !

  10. If this was one of the 50000 seled indictments then many people need to be concerned that they might be on that list as activists against the DS. So you thought that was a list of pedophiles did you? hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha!


  12. if the media finds julian guity they better sttand in line cause they too just of being guillty

  13. Nobody found Julian Assange guilty. If anything, Julian Assange needs Protection from Mueller and Clinton. Just saying. Anyone wonder about Jeanne Shaheen's use of private servers set up for her and her scumbag cronies by scumbag criminal Federal Agents in NH? I'm just saying

  14. Assange revealed the luciferian agenda of the elites in the DNC, HOW MANY CHILDREN HAVE THEY DEVOURED? Julian Assange is a HERO OF ALL OF HUMANITY!

  15. The cardinal sin in today's world is to turn against America. The moment one speaks against the US then that's it. His time is over. Just look at how the US is protecting Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia in the Khashoggi murder case. The US has withdrawn from UN Human Rights Council just for the sake of Israel. The US protects despots who kill their own citizens and drain the resources of their own countries as long as they remain pro-American.

  16. Wikileaks has said point blank that is wasn't a state actor that provided them with the DNC emails.

  17. Guilty of what exactly? Assange was an Australian citizen and if America arrested and tried him for anything it would prove the American globalist agenda. In that case it would be America who's running out of time.

  18. Soo much for freedom of speech!

  19. World-wide "main stream media" is ALL FAKE!!!

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