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🇺🇸Migrant caravan stopped on Mexico-Guatemala border l Al Jazeera English

Thousands of migrants have torn down a fence in Guatamala and stormed towards the bridge in Mexico.
People from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have been walking north towards the United States in a so-called ‘caravan’.
But US President Donald Trump says he may deploy the military to stop them from crossing over.
Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports from border town of Tapachula, in southern Mexico.

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  1. Not our problem should of stood in ur country

  2. They are not fleeng violence. They were pushed to do this. Look how they behave.

  3. Mexico needs to shoot them…..

  4. Like we honeslt2 dont want any more people. Cali traffic is bad enough please. Go/Stay home

  5. Stop this invading army from entering the USA ! At any cost!!! Kill on sight! These are criminals!!

  6. I’m pretty sure they have not been paying any attention to who President Trump is bc there’s no possible way he’ll let them in, I feel bad bc some do need help I’m not rotten but ya can’t come like this bc it’s a statement and that causes for a response and w this president oh dear you’re barking up the wrong tree if ya wanna play The Who wins game 😂

  7. Migrant is dead good job go trump go

  8. todos modos a México no los ba a dejar entrar a su pais los arrestaran y los deportaran

  9. it free land people don't think it your land lmao

  10. What?? But Fox news said they were already at the US border

  11. You'd understand if you were them.

  12. Thank god for donald Trump .dont let them in

  13. Your government should help u.you can't enter illegally

  14. Get the m60s locked and loaded..this is going to get messy.. If blood makes the grass grow?.. Then i hope to see a golf course along the border soon.

  15. Where is canada in all this? Sitting pretty not doing anything

  16. Viva la Razza! Make America Mexico again! MAMA! No borders. We can replace the gringos with our beautiful brown wave~ Stop orange Hitler now!

  17. I looooove Trump ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Built that WALL

  18. Get more tear gas. Spray all of them down with it. I really don’t care. They are invaders. In different than the Barbarians who sacked Rome, or the Red Army invading eastern Germany and the Baltic. Lawlessness in their wake.

  19. Mexico needs to build a wall in southern border to stop illegal emigrants

  20. All I know that we never hear the real news they're always putting up fake news I'm tired of fake!👅 news they only report things that will serve their own purpose why don't they tell it like it is when you have a truck that's riding along side people who claim that they are running from a country for their lives! and there's a truck riding along with them supplying food and water cell phones it's more like a parade or a rodeo come on they're being paid you can't see that they're getting paid Women & Children First what our government needs to do is send someone out to investigate who's responsible for those Caravans and who responsible for stirring up a hornet's nest and find out who is supplying them with cell phones 👈 those people are not walking miles without food or water those Caravan are supplying them with daily fresh hot Meals on Wheels!👈 i saw steam coming out when they were opening something behind a truck that was handing out hot meals on wheels!!!👈 plus fresh bottle water they're getting bottled water get real people women and children with are the first ones that are getting fresh hot meals. on meals on Wheels!!!👈 bottle water cell phones and money wake up smell the coffee I'm tired of lies and fake news can't teach an old dog new tricks

  21. I heard that the US has been sending Aid and money to help that country the problem is coming from the mishandling of money that the US has been sending to help that country so it's only right that our president should stop sending money to that country for it's mishandling of Aid and money. why are they having problems with their country not helping women and children if they're running for their lives and the money that the US is sending them is not being used to protect the women and children why should our president keep sending money to help a country when their women and children are running to ours and the main thing I don't understand where did they get the cell phones they have to be communicating with someone threw that cell phone that telling them to keep going they are communicating with someone on that phone the government needs to investigate who they are talking to through that phone they need to tap in and find out who's supplying those phones they are wearing name brand clothes and they have a trucks riding along supplying food water that's riding along with them to feed those women and children they are not driving solo the Caravan truck has food and water who is supplying that truck with food and water so they can travel they're not traveling alone holding a flag of a country that has let them down and has not lift a finger to stop the violence and Corruption and which they claim it's all lies these people are being paid someone is funding this Caravan

  22. Women and children! Oh my God, they can all stay in Nevada – there is plenty of room in Nevada.

  23. They are getting paid for this. Stupid media, or they now?

  24. They're all dissatisfied with their country yet they're proudly waving their flags as they march towards our border?! Give me a break!! How come you people aren't waving American flags. This is one of the major problems, YOU HAVE NO DESIRE TO ASSIMILATE INTO AMERICAN CULTURE OR LEARN ENGLISH!! America owes you and your families nothing!! Here's an idea, your country sucks? Stay there an fix it! Demand more from YOUR government! Not OURS! We are a nation of laws!! The days of laxed border security are over!!

    These aren't immigrants! They're invaders!!!

  25. energize his base? let them move in nextdoor and rape kill eat your mother sisters..

  26. Soros sponsored..,.HANG the kont!!!!


  28. PINCHES NEWS SUCK!! PINCHES DEMOCRATAS ARRIBA TRUMP he does better job than mexican governants.

  29. I am not an American but to you folks…vote red and save your country. Liberal ideas may seem good from outside but deep inside there is nothing worse then their ideology.

  30. Mexico should invade all central american

  31. Seize George Soros’ money for funding this nonsense and send them back. Come here legally! Latinos fornTrump!

  32. Why are they holding there own flags when they are running from

  33. This the wrong way to enter to we our country because we don’t have a Mexican army

  34. Don’t let them threw theses people threw they did this to their self

  35. How would these critics feel if instead of going to the U.S.A., the immigrants would form a caravan and march into Saudi Arabia or Israel illegally?

  36. Bring in the army and start shooting, thats what you do when your country is being invaded.

  37. We need our boarders. This should of been done years ago.

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