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🇺🇸Trump and Obama ask supporters for ‘civility’ after mail bombs l Al Jazeera English

Hours after a Trump supporter, Cesar Sayoc, was arrested in Florida in the bomb case, Trump told a political rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, that political violence must never be tolerated.
But any attempt to heal political divisions was quickly set aside as Trump renewed attacks on his usual targets – the news media.
“Media’s constant unfair coverage, deep hostility and negative attacks only serve to drive people apart and undermine healthy debate,” Trump said.
Former US president Obama also held a rally on Friday to campaign for Wisconsin Democrats. He said, “Whatever your political background I hope you think it’s wrong to hear people vilifying people, calling them enemies. Then you’re suddenly concerned about civility?”

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

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  1. the Palestinians are Semites, the Israelis are not.
    get executing.

  2. Didn't Hillary say that there can not be civility? Didn't the former AG say "kick them"? Doesn't Maxine Waters advocate confrontation?

  3. The idiot who lives in the black built White House only has hatred and fear. He panders to his conspiracy theory fruitcake base.

  4. 0:34 Trump the clown has a clone😅

  5. Why is Trump criticizing the media for putting his power in check?

  6. Dear Trump supporters, why are you so hateful? Who hurt you? Why do you put that hate on others?

  7. I'm confused, Hillary told us last we that it was no time for civility?

  8. Wow, for a minute there I thought Obama was talking about CNN spending all your time vilifying.

  9. The Democrats are the party of violence that's beyond cavil: 
    Protest Oscar Grant shooting
    Occupy  Wall Street
    Riots in Oakland & Los Angeles after Zimmerman acquitted
    Riots in Ferguson Michael Brown
    Riots Baltimore Freddie Gray
    Protest (limiting Free speech) Trumps’ rally Chicago
    Anti-Trump thugs attack Trump supporters San Jose
    Riots in Milwaukee James Barrett
    Riots North Carolina Keith Scott
    Riots Portland upset over Trumps victory
    Protest in Washington Trumps’ inauguration
    Riots (limiting free speech) UC Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulous

  10. Nothing points to Ceasar being anything but a plant. His facebook page and voter registration were changed AFTER HE WAS ARRESTED. the 17 year old van is spotlessly clean and the stickers ARE ALL NEW. If you believe this nonsense you are part of the problem

  11. Democrats have been considered enemies of the state in Terrorist in America the people are Furious

  12. Violence towards political figures is a no no but civilian against civilian os ok

  13. Even florida man supports Trump? That's like Thanos wearing a MAGA hat

  14. Hopefully he voted REPUBLICAN before he got caught. I DID

    1.FOR illegal Immigration,chain migration,lottery
    2.FOR Abortion
    3. AGAINSTGuns
    4. AGAINST Religion
    5. FOR Big government
    6.FOR Raising taxes
    7. FOR Ms 13
    8. FOR Drugs

    Recent political events have made Traitor Trump more unstable than usual and are causing his mentally disabled fans to become unhinged and more violent than usual. The MAGA-Bomber and MAGA-Shooter are graphic examples of this.

    To maximize safety, ALWAYS assume that anyone wearing a MAGA hat, displaying a pro-Trump bumper sticker or expressing pro-Trump opinions is potentially violent and likely to explode at any time.

    Also keep in mind that using words composed of three syllables or more, or admitting to more than an 8th-grade education could enrage the Traitor Trump Fans.

    Keep you and your family safe by treating any Trump fan as mentally impaired and could easily commit terrorist acts.

  17. You know if you read the book of Master Damas he says our politicians or Clash and they will fall together and make the world end as God said in Revelation but nobody thought about that.

  18. Hello, Humans. "All right, you egg-suckin' piece of gutter trash! You always did like pushin' around people smaller than you! Well I'M smaller! Try pushin' me!"
    ~Wolverine(X-Men 90's Cartoon)


  19. Its CNN who's really responsible

  20. People keep screaming for Civil War do you understand what that means do you understand that the Liberals and the Democrats have no understanding of weapons or guns no training no understanding of war or what that means it's not going to be the north versus the South it won't be much of a war at all it would be about a week before we eradicate it the Liberals and the Democrats from this country but is that what we really want is it I don't think so there's a reason our country is so great it's cuz we have a voice Democrats are taking this voice Liberals are taking our voices demanding we do it their way or no way at all that's not America and that's not what Liberty stands for if you want to war s*** we can give you a war but you won't win and you really need to think about this and there is a lot more of us than there is of you and we are Americans and that means something to us .writin not dictated

  21. "They promised to take on corruption. Remember that?" "They have racked up enough indictments to field a football team. Nobody in my administration got indicted." (Barack Obama)

  22. Democrats wanted to go to war…Maxine started it

  23. Ewww. Obama!!! This guy was a democrat!!!! Fake news!!!! Deep state getting sloppy!!!!!

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