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🇺🇸US Senate rebukes Saudi Arabia over Yemen war, Khashoggi murder | Al Jazeera English

The US Senate has defied President Donald Trump and has begun discussing a resolution to end military support for the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Yemen.
They have until Friday to vote on it. Plans for a similar move were struck down in March after Trump voiced strong support for the conflict.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports from Washington, DC.

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  1. These politicians don’t care about those kids. They profit off the weapons contracts. Israel uses Saudi Arabia and America to do its dirty work.

  2. Stop spurting soudi regime
    UK and us weapons killing children's in yamen
    STOP ✋✋👭🙌

  3. Inshamuhammad they are with Muhammad and his six year old wife Aisha in paradise

  4. And they will blame it on iran and we all know it's the wahabbism

  5. But usa will still sell them guns n bombs

  6. I wonder when they will rebuke Israel over their war on Palestine

  7. Yes it is I Mr. Amin Boyd. You Tube is the "Bomb"

  8. Is it surprising that US provide weapons to kill? Ehhh

  9. wath an fantastic human being BURNEY SANDERS!!!
    I wish he was president!!!
    I wish I could vote for him.

  10. It's not the weapons or America it's the death that they bring at the hands of irresponsible murderer's. He's Hit em all until they fight no more ,the smoking bone is turning.

  11. Why Are ppl so dumb yemens legitimate gov't asked saudi for HELP!!! From murderous, outlawed , terrorist houthi scum!!! Get that in your heads

  12. Bearnie Sanders needs to shut up.

  13. Nuke all muslim countries. Problem solved.

  14. Yet they remain silent about the White Genocide currently happening in South Africa. Hang the traitors of our Race!

  15. Yemen people are so stupid, Bringing Rocks to a tank and bomb fight.. Saudi are terrorist and trump's buddies..

  16. Wow – that Lindsey Graham is KKKLAN White Trash

  17. Until the world shuts off the Saudi oil supply nothing will change.

  18. Bernie Sanders is a millionaire how many needy children is he feeding? That's right zero. Talks the talk but won't walk the walk. I like reading the comments left by the middle east bafoons that can barely spell and blame America for everything instead of seeing the real problem which is in the mirror.

  19. Help us, the U.S., end our militaristic interventionist foreign policy. Also tell the U.S. government you don't want any of its foreign aid money.

  20. Yes, but what group authorized U.S. involvement ? Such as supplying Saudi Aircraft, or providing missiles, or selling them weapons knowing they would use them. Saul held the garments of those that "stoned" St. Stephen.

  21. Where is Allah? Maybe they need to pray 10 times a day .

  22. The Trumpublicans are not all Americans. I think we need to elect politicians that are not bought by donors and we need to reverse course on the world stage and help not hurt other countries.

  23. No kid should suffer.. put aside pride and help the children.

  24. Liberals like Bernie, cortez, Chuck, Nancy, etc🚮. Want America to fall like these poor ppl

  25. USA is the real cause of all this chaos and destruction all over the world!

  26. Thank you Al Jaazera. Don't stop reporting on tragedies like this

  27. Stop Saudi Arabia.. Stop trump

  28. Don’t forget 9/11, and radical Islam.

  29. This is so terrible to see childrens looking like this,all beacuse the USA war Criminals and the Saudi Pigs are committing a horrandence criminal act in yemmen!

  30. Shame on you Aljazeera and westren
    you killed million of people in Afghanistan Iraq syria
    but you still talk about Saudi those whi defend there country if houthis are innocent then AlQaida Talban are also Innocent !!Pakistani!!

  31. Why didn't Bernie Sanders go to the Senate floor when Obama and Clinton envaded libia such a hypocrits.

  32. Lol, lol …….. Neocons, doing the mirror , now that the smoke is getting out of hand

  33. Linsay Graham you have a good hearth and dignity god bless you.

  34. 1:40 Wait… Let me get this straight… the US may be complicit in war crimes.

  35. In all life where America has existed it has helped in killings and the killing of its own citizen Jamal…this is a crazy gun violent country where it brags to serve justice in his resist country

  36. And yet they had an economical role in the whole world absolutely disgusting how these hypocritical Americans and their smiling Saudi puppet are acting.

  37. Stop killing Yemeni , stop idiot US

  38. Zionist USA Backs Saudi Arabia because the Ruling Al-Saud Family happen to be Crypto Jews what else explains their close ties to Israel and the Zionist War Agenda namely against Iran.

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