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🇻🇪 Guaido calls for more protests as Maduro displays military might | Al Jazeera English

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president is leading a call for more protests against the leadership of Nicolas Maduro.
Juan Guaido has declared two days of anti-government demonstrations, starting on Wednesday.
He is seeking support for an eight-day deadline set by European nations, for Maduro to agree to free and fair elections.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports, from Cucuta in Colombia, near the border with Venezuela.

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  1. US is no longer white Jewish , soon it will go back to its mongoloid origins .

  2. Well just stay with Maduro and carry on with your people staving and eating out of bins , these people have been in power for how long now ?? They have done some great things for the poor but now it's time to try another path things will only get worse ,, just hope which ever path you choose it gets better ……uk

  3. Socialists have impoverished Venezuela, and like all Socialist countries do when their system fails they blame it on America or their nearest Capitalist neighbor. First and foremost it is important to understand that socialists are compulsive liars. Take East Germany for instance, back in the late fifties early sixties half of all college graduates were fleeing Communism to go to West Germany and most of them were going through Berlin. The Communists wanted to stop this without making Communism look bad so they lied and said that Nazis were invading from West Germany and causing problems, so they built the Anti-Fascist Rampart known today as the Berlin wall. The Berlin Wall was built 100% to stop people from fleeing Communism but the Communists lied and said the wall must be built to protect East Germany from fascism. These exact same sort of people are in every country today that has anything worth stealing. They are communist maggots who lie about everything. All they know how to do is use the psychological techniques developed by Communists years ago to brainwash whatever host nation they find themselves in. Since they're not the sort of men who know how to do much of anything except lie, cheat, and steal they immediately begin to run whatever country they've finally gained power in into the ground. Then when they've spent up all the money the Capitalist engine has produced they're at a loss and end up like Venezuela and need to tell some more lies so that Socialism won't look bad. This happens over and over and is well documented. Socialism doesn't work. On the other hand Capitalism does work and has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system known to man.

  4. I can see a 3 world war starting very soon.!!!!!


  6. Personas idiotas teniendo ojos no ven y oidos no ollen, el pueblo venezolano tiene años pasando hambre y sin tener nisiquiera paper para limpiarse el culo, protestas tras protestas siendo asesinados y encarcelados por el simple hecho de reclamar su derecho ante el presidente. Y ustedes todos que van a favor de el asesino de amaduro se convierten automaticanmente and socialistas y apolladores de lo mal hecho, gracias a estados unidos por estender su mano al pueblo venezolano.

  7. Guaido calls for more protest? So this newly elected US puppet is trying to break up Venezuela and let it descends into chaos? This Guaido guy needs to be arrested.

  8. Imagine if during the big military display the military decided to turn around and topple Maduro. That would be the biggest plot twist ever. 😂

  9. Lucia newman? Couldnt you people find a younger and unbiased reporter?

  10. Those commie troops when they see real troops ready to combat them they going run like how they did in the march where those drones were blown up lol

  11. millions of vez people starving and leaving the country and this pig of maduro looking fat and talking caca, would go down in the history books as a dictator with a level of a 2nd grader who satarved a nation.

  12. The Maduro is an ahole. Dictator doesn't want to have a fare fight. Cause he know that he will be thrown out or killed. COWARD !

  13. Maduro Venezuela said go for the pinga.

  14. A lot of innocent people will die like Iraq, Libya, Syria and etc..those countries are still in ruins. Sad.

  15. You have Trump support whereas unarmed Kashmiris don't have any support still bravely they're defending themselves from coward army

  16. Don't f*ck up your country cause you wanna be president

  17. The soldiers are starving and eat garbage , how are they going to fight ? 🤣😂


  19. The United States of America is the Devil

  20. Russian bots are the worst thing on YouTube. Make your own YouTube and quit being toxic

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