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🇻🇪 Guaido's UK envoy: Transition to democracy 'harder than it looks' | UpFront (Headliner)

Norway stepped into the fray that is Venezuela this week, when it emerged Oslo was hosting talks between officials from the government of President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition led by self-declared president Juan Guaido.

The talks are the latest attempt to resolve a crisis that has hit a stalemate, following months of street protests, US sanctions and a failed opposition attempt to overthrow Maduro.

Guaido’s UK representative Neumann says there’s a huge support for the opposition leader. “You see the people come out and weep with joy at the sight of Guaido,” she said.

When asked why she thinks the overthrow of Maduro is proving harder than initially thought, Neumann said it was due to the economic power of the military.

“The military is earning $8.8bn a year in illicit trade and the trafficking of narcotics, the trafficking of gold, diesel, even food. Even the very food that people are eating, because they have demolished the production economy. That is also being used by the regime. And to exert social control,” she said.

When asked whether Guaido wants the US military to intervene, Neumann said it was Guaido’s decision.

When pressed on whether US military involvement, considering its legacy in the region, would bring democracy or human rights to Venezuela, Neumann argued that “times have changed”.

“I think, the continent has changed … the attitude of the United States to the region has changed,” she said.

This week’s Headliner, Juan Guaido’s representative to the UK Vanessa Neumann.

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  1. Don't you mean "Transition to Corporatocracy "? OIL companies and military industrial complex are to blame.

  2. This Guaido guy and scheme is sad! Its sooo obvious its a hoax.

  3. This is a real interview

  4. Why you want military to joint you, when you deem the military is so corrupt ?
    Hmmmm so so fishy.
    Aren't you too corrupt too ?
    Only birds of a same feather flock together.
    Hello, the world is no dam stupid to know a traitor.

  5. Vanessa- "Hahahaha I memorized my response"

  6. The people of Venezuela will never hand their country over to the US puppet Guaido

  7. Fake news only one sided view.When do we see the indigenous Venezuela not the racist minority on this show.

  8. I appreciate his strong questions. More of this please Al Jazeera.

  9. That woman is fake news.

  10. Mehdi strikes again!!! Mehdi you are the man bro. I love you on head to head and you are that voice of a true journalist. Keep up the amazing work brother!!!

    I can’t stand this Botox clown. Straight lying through her teeth. It failed get over it lady.

  11. “Game over” now!! we give you full permission to be the USA new President chances are better since Trump polls is as ,ow as 36%

  12. 10:58 she has no response. Finished. Obviously not replying to the oil question or trump comments. Ridiculous

  13. Mehdi: I'm about to end this woman's whole career
    Everyone: 😲

  14. World of Weirdos😃! . . . . One Weirdo getting roasted by one of the best roasters, Mehdi Hasan . . . Trying to spin faster but stopped dead from spinning . . .

  15. Just look in her face I wonder who paid her …hmmm more than likely it's the fork teeth devils in Washington…..long live Nicolas Maduro,lock up her boss alongside her for committing treason

  16. Venezuelans, don't listen to the Americunts! They're the reason why your country is in despair! Their sanction led to the deaths of 40000 Venezuelans. They just want your government to start handing over your oil wells! The regime change by traitorous Gaydo failed!

  17. Why is she laughing all the time ? Opposition isn’t serious.. joke, like this women.. Awesome Mehdi.

  18. Is her team come from parallel universe or having mental problem?

  19. This is called news, real news

  20. She's disgusting! Her arrogance it's out matched by her stupidity. Gua-ido's moves to empower himself are getting ridiculously stupid. This poor man's life is being destroyed by the TrumpF regime.
    I remember his wife sitting in the WH looking like a fish out of water, she was visibly unconfortable for the whole world to see. She spoke no English so she understood not what was going on and her behavior reflected it. I'm sure she feels unhappy about it!
    And his children will have to put up with the stigma of their father being a traitor to his nation for power and money. A political Judas, selling peoples trust to the highest bidder!

  21. Mehdi you have to be gentle with the lady. She seems more like US envoy to UK then Venezuela oppositions. She is American so why pretend to be Venezuelan

  22. what an ugly lady with so much make up

  23. It is such a shame the US, EU and the other supporters of this illegal take down used by Trump in Venezuela would rather see innocent poor Venezuelans starve and die for their own selfish goals. Maduro did wrong no doubt, but dialogue s the way forward out of this.

  24. Look at how people some who are in power fool them evil self. Girl sit your stupid as down . You can't decive a pig at least

  25. At 4:00 my rediculous accertion seems to have magically appeared….seconds before this things says "regime," it laughingly scoffed at his using the word regime…lidderly correcting him that is something else. Yuk!

  26. Wow, this envoy has a twisted idea of the constitution, how do you say the election never held.

  27. It's similar to Panama all over again.

  28. Hang guaido for traitor otherwise trouble for Venezuela !!!

  29. He deserves the death sentence walking around calling on a foreign country to invade his own country and kill his own people Americans bombs won't differentiate innocent women babies and older populations in any country this man would be arrested and tried for treason

  30. Already you know these people puppet of imperialism she speaks perfect English with an American accent in a Latin country with not even a ounce accent of Latin these idiots think people are stupid that clearly tell if they born or even live in the country these people are bread and train by the CIA you can see clear through them guaido is just a walking buffoon he is just a piece of waste

  31. This woman didn’t consult his masters before coming on,she has no idea what she is blabbering about…this has nothing to do with Venezuelan people and clearly guiado do not have the support of the people else Maduro will be gone a long time,it’s all about oil and there are more than 220 countries in the world so 50 countries what of the rest

  32. No matter how diplomatic and vocal you are, the Truth can never defeat Falsehood forever. This woman was clearly finished 😂

  33. People shouldn’t be stupid,can someone give me one example of where America’s change of government has resulted in anything positive?lets call this what it is..its all about oil


  35. This is why women gotta go back to being commodities

  36. Very good unbiased interviewer based on just pure facts

  37. Juan has failed and is a puppet, this whole endeavor is a bumbling farce. Many innocent people will die as a result of this US overthrow of Maduro.

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