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🇻🇪 The story behind Venezuela’s self-declared interim president | Al Jazeera English

In just three weeks, Venezuela’s young opposition leader Juan Guaido has risen from obscurity to become the self-declared interim president.
The country is in the middle of a deepening political and economic crisis that has created a regional divide.
The move comes as tens of thousands of Guaido supporters marched around Venezuela demanding that Nicolas Maduro’s resignation as president.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Jamjoom reports.

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  1. This guy is a 3 letter agency stooge who nobody ever heard of who went to school in USA. Venezuelans aren't stupid. Stop believing news from CNN and FOX. No more regime changes from washington. Iraq is a mess, Afghanistan is a mess and Libya is a mess. USA didn't help those people one bit. Shame on N Americans if they let themselves get fooled once again into supporting illegal meddling.


  3. Russia is currently denying sending mercenaries to prop up Maduro. Here we go again with those hypocritical Russians, using violence to tip a situation over the edge.
    Of course, the conspiracy nutjobs are going to blame the US, but there appear to be no accusations US sending mercenaries over there at the moment. So as for now, it’s going to be typical Russian drivel from these folks: Make up allegations online, hoping it picks up steam with gullible people.
    This view is based on patterns studied over the past 10 years, backed up by real world events and established facts. Georgia, Syria, Ukraine, as well as the older Chechen conflicts.
    All these conspiracy theorists have is, “‘Member those Iraqi WMDs?” That’s all they have.

    Stay safe, Venezuelans. You’re Russia’s next target.

  4. I am confused you self Proclaim that you are the president but yet Nicolas Maduro is a dictator that make perfect sense. the right thing to do here is re-election that is monitored by a third party that doesn't involve the United States nor Russia because Venezuela would never be a democracy because of the oil.

  5. If Maduro was as popular as these conspiracy nutjobs in the Comments are saying, Guiado would be incarcerated or dead by now.
    That wishful anti-American thinking is not going to do you guys any good. Not everything is black and white, as so many of you seem to think.
    It just goes to show that being anti-American is not enough to maintain power. If your policies are crippling your country and starving the people, those anti-Capitalist words get extremely stale and obvious. Venezuelans will take ANYONE over Maduro now.

    Don’t let these Russian trolls screw over the Venezuelan people like they did the Syrian people. Enough with the baseless conspiracy theories.

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    ❤️❤️❤️JUAN GUAIDÓ❤️❤️❤️JUAN GUAIDÓ ❤️❤️❤️JUAN GUAIDÓ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Fight Fight Fight for Change Patriots!!!

  8. Dirty wars coming to or should I say coming back to Latin America

  9. US and Canada should be ashamed of what they call "democracy"


  11. How do you recognize someone as president who hasn't even run in an election.

  12. سارع واطلب 👈 كريم رجال الصحراء ✅ احسن وصفة لعلاج المشاكل الجنسية
    : الواتساب 🤳 نوفر لك خدمة الطلبية بسرية تامة 💯 %

  13. This guy will land in jail 100%

  14. IT was NOT "self-declared" if you do not know anything about the constitution in Venezuela you don't need to be using that. This was actually 100% legal to do backed up by the constitution.

  15. I like how the Russians invaded Crimea with the exact same excuse as the US but are condemning US interventionism. And the US hasn't even invaded the country like they did!

  16. Pueblo de Venezuela, No se confundan El personage que se auto postulo es un titere que solo piensa seguir ordenes de Estados Unidos y vender todos los recursos Naturales del pueblo a los yankees y hacer lo que todos los titeres de USA abandonar el pais para vivir en USA no se confundan ellos no son el cambio pero la destruction de su pais

  17. We are all going to get a lesson on how the GAME is played on the world stage. First off Russia wants some of the lands that border its country, and Venezuela is too far away to fight over. Our country wants to remove the thorn that Venezuela has become, this is simply a matter of time… Btw guess whose daughter is a billionaire, yet Hugo Chavez daughter… and there is what socialism looks like.

  18. This guy looks like a US plant. Based on his body language and clothes. He looks just like Obama. Does the same hand gestures. Does the old "point to the crowd like you're actually pointing at someone, smile, wave, then give them thumbs up" move. It's a classic for US political trainers. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this guy has clearly gotten publicity training from someone from the US.

  19. The Puppet had beed coosen by the Jew…

  20. The contitution of Venezuela requires the national assembly to excercize the executive government until valid elections are held. The past election was not valid as 16% was insufficient voter turnout. This is a legal issue, not subject to poorly based opunions.

  21. Who is this thug? he is an Americunt thug who wants to destroy his own country.

  22. Another fool who is desperate for power even if it means to surrender his country and all it has to the US.

  23. Prediction: >90% of the comments will be from Russian trolls who genuinely have no idea what they’re talking about, but must tow today’s Kremlin party line. Break out the vodka, boys! You’re all in the wrong hemisphere with this one.

    Aren’t you guys late for your daily handjob for Assad?

  24. America props up plenty of dictators. Maduro is in trouble because he doesn't want Venezuela to be another American colony.

  25. Guaido only declared him president after the US recognized him as the president. Shame on you Al Jazeera for spreading misinformation and propaganda.

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