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🇻🇪 US intensifies anti-Maduro push as Russia backs Venezuelan ally l Al Jazeera English

The United Nations Security Council is set to meet later on Saturday to discuss the power struggle gripping Venezuela.
The United States is likely to push the council to back opposition leader Juan Guaido, who has declared himself as interim president.
But any such move will be blocked by Russia, which backs the incumbent, Nicolas Maduro. Inside Venezuela, the two men continue to rally supporters.
Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Cucuta, on the Colombia-Venezuela border.

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  1. Msduro isilligitamemt as the leader . he is on his way out now.

  2. Maduro is the legitimate president of Venezuela. Period!

  3. Juan looks like a latin version of obama

  4. Russia doesn’t have enough bite at all

  5. Next syrian 2 in south america….now the game shift from Middle East to South america ….god knows wat will happen next.

  6. Blackmailing the voters with USA ,CIA, killers for the sake of theft of resources is an old tired game of USA lies…Lies that result in massive disparity of law ,and life style.

  7. Does that mean Russia can back Rand Paul as the new US president now?

  8. Russia stands against American hegemony, and is attacked by the media for doing so.

  9. The US government is the most evil scum on the face of the earth. Can't even take care of their own people, but want to enslave the entire world. Support for every country that opposes them.

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  11. The Generals are licking their lips and swallowing hard thinking hard where to throw their lot as it might be falling stars or brace against the wall . With Maduro employing mercenaries or soldier of fortune does not bode well with his defiance of the will of the people. If I am in his shoes I did rather " take the money" as Riddick says while still has some capital left on the table. Meddling with the countries? Maybe fans of FB should be reminded that 4 million Venezuelan are are refugees with no help at most from the world. Most are selling their hairs , getting into prostitution and now stealing to survive according to reports. Others are saying OIL is the reason why America is involve to get and siphon oil of the Venezuelan . They stupidly reason out when US went to Iraq and Afghanistan and spend tens of trillions fighting, training and stabilizing the countries. Until now There is no report of supertanker stealing, siphoning and getting all those filthy OIL. now if you people have anything to add or say yo improve Venezuelan people's lives then clam up.

  12. The usual MO of the US. 1) back or set up new dictator replacing existing regime to cause nation unrest 2) civil war breaks out 3) US steps in to "save" country from "terrorists/evil dictators" 4) war breaks out and U.S. takes off with with the country's assets (oil, gold, poppy fields, etc) or make them financially indebted (loans, weapons, etc)

  13. I am thousands of miles away from 🇻🇪 Venezuela, but I support Maduro because he's the legitimate president.

  14. Its good to see the venezuela leader, and his people are keeping calm, in all this.

    America wanted hysteria, and chaos.

  15. Russia and china, pls deploy your troops in venezuela.

  16. It's not the USA meddling. It's the people of Venezuela who want the change. There President was a failure. It's time to change. Only stupid people would turn a blind eye to it.

  17. Te va llevar la verga maduro

  18. Full support Russia China Turkey Iran

  19. What the point of Venezuelan voting for a president when America can vote their president

  20. There is only one President, The opposition divided during the last election making it easy for Maduro to win. Most people say in surveys that they favor the opposition less than the Government. Look at all of he US interventions around.


  22. Go US-Venezuela. Never let Rassians on your lands! 👊✌

  23. we are with muduro, back america

  24. US meddling into other countries affairs and their government, routine for the US, they cannot help being bullies, corporate dictatorship under the cover of the false flag of democracy. America is dope, get it?

  25. USA messes up everything and all things…including themselves!!
    USA caused this in Venezuela with your sanctions!!

  26. Jungle = fruits and water , Sea = fish and tourism , Oil = lot of money . Such a nic e and rich country and look at how they live . We all live ONE LIFE,so if we can live it better way and without stress , just live it. For Venezuela,this is all possible,seems only with help of US . I support US and wish they will help Venezuela to become better place.Even I do not see US as a country that is perfect,maybe not even good.BUT,no other country will be able to help Venezuela at this moment.

  27. Arrest this traitor death to traitors.

  28. trump will will do what putin wants

  29. I can't understand what is going on the people of Venezuela vote for maduro and now the opposition are fighting it's Donald who went and tv and declare the opposition are the people in charge of Venezuela he already have enough problems with Mueller now he is trying to bother other country what kind of President the American people have elected

  30. Stay strong Maduro. They'll poison you. They'll try to assassinate you again. They're ruthless as they try to steal your country.

  31. one was Elected by the people…..one Elected by the people they elected…its like the U.S. Congress electing the Speaker of the house PRESIDENT..while the president is still there…..

  32. Long Live Maduro💪💪💪 Black African-American Stand With you💪💪

  33. Existed government : bad
    New-declared government : worst
    Just leave them alone

  34. Syria part II coming soon!

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