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🇻🇪 Venezuela: 65 countries support Guaido, while UN backs Maduro l Al Jazeera English

The Venezuelan opposition’s envoy to the United States is trying to shore up international support to help bring aid into his country.
But the United Nations, which still recognises Nicolas Maduro as Venezuela’s president, has called for talks.
About 50 UN-member countries have pledged their support to Maduro, while 65 countries, including the US, stand behind the opposition leader, Juan Guaido, who has declared himself interim president.
Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from Washington.

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  1. U.S. H A N D S O F F V E N E Z U E L A !!!

  2. Humanitarian crisis? Ffs please look at yemen! U.s. look at your own homeless citizens. Kick rocks with your idea of war behind closed doors and fix your own nation.

  3. The 65 countries, scums, and dogs shall remember. Whatever US does to Venezuela, they will do it to you one day.

  4. Wow! It’s amazing how many idiots with socialist mentality criticize the countries supporting Guaido, when they all live in capitalist countries were there is plenty of food, clean water, medicine and freedom.

  5. I knew the UN was useless now, many countries that are friends with the us should leave the U.N.


  7. The Republicans are just a bunch of Thugs and White Collar bandits ( outlaws ) they are trying to put together another regime take down so they can take there asset's …

  8. Well, if only 65 countries support Guaido the Traitor. The rest of the world (128) stands with President Maduro.

  9. Al-jazeera is a very bias station they don't bring the full stories. Open up and tell the world the truth. I think they are broadcasting partisan politics rather than been neutral journalist broadcasting. U should tell the world that u are under the influence of the so called US-EU support for Gouido. Just closed the station down if u can't be neutral. 😈😈😈

  10. All these criminal countries that support fucken puto Guaido are fucken whores of trump

  11. they dont need aid release the people billions

  12. China alone is bigger than these 65 tiny countries who support Guaido. Some thing else It is not 65 countries but 65 gouvernements.

  13. This is terrible it is giving Pelosi ideas about self-proclaiming her presidency.

  14. The U.N. and the Red Cross have been bringing food into Venezuela. They will be ok.

  15. 65 arss$ lickerş like Judàs Greedo all chasing the pieces of zionist silver crumbs.

  16. All Arab leaders supporters guaido… slaves

  17. There is a real humanatarian crisis in Haiti , does that mean anyone can swear themselfs in as President ?
    Or do you have to be known by someone in the country .

  18. UN official didn't live in Venezuela so why they are intervene to Venezuela, people of Venezuela have had the right to choose they have own government to implement athe law, Venezuela are sovereign country so UN act like a dectator. I believe they are all interested Venezuela gas so Maduro please fight for your country.

  19. The un? Un is a white puppet lets see if a military strike happens if the un will step in and fight the colonizing terrorist whites

  20. Can u name the countries that support maduro?

  21. Just give Muduro one nuke and all the American warmongers will be changing their pee stained pants non stop.

  22. 65 countries supporting guido a person not even in the election and never elected WTF is wrong with these countries. How far does the money travel to make govts back this BS.

  23. Who want to be a president please go to those 65 country who agreed a non elected president you too can proclaim yourself as a president and claim all that country assets and gold as yours.

  24. Should 65 "democratic" countries be trying to influence the politics in Venezuela? Maduro was elected as President as with Yanukovich in Ukraine. Shame on these 65 countries.

    To think of the fake outrage of "Russian influence" in American election. The level of hypocrisy boggles the mind.

  25. Maduro supporters are like democrats. Killer elite

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