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🇻🇪 Venezuela cuts ties with US citing its support for ‘coup’ attempt | Al Jazeera English

Venezuela’s embattled leader Nicolas Maduro severed relations with the United States and ordered American diplomats out of the country, accusing Washington of orchestrating a coup d’etat after opposition leader Juan Guaido publicly announced himself as the new president.
In a televised broadcast from the presidential palace late on Wednesday, Maduro accused the opposition of seeking to stage a coup with the support of the US, which he said was seeking to govern Venezuela from Washington.
Al Jazeera asks Paul Dobson, a journalist at venezuelanalysis.com, about Guaido’s move and its implications.

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  1. USA has trying to destroy Venezuela and to capture oil…..
    President Nicolas Maduru should make relation with Russia otherwise USA will capture Venezuela…
    Nicolas Maduru should improve economic development otherwise population has not support Maduru…….

  2. the U.shitty.a.has impoverished that country. indeed, where they have passed, they have left deaths and poverty. It's time for somebody to stop those oil parasites. Fortunately, there is Russia and China.
    E.U. man writing.

  3. I am so disappointed to call my self an Amerikka,y we don't mine our business.

  4. Juan, traitorous puppet of globalists.

  5. My city in Brazil accepted hundreds of Venezuelans that were escaping the socialist dictatorship of maduro. Really hope USA send troops to help them.

  6. Venezuela are in serious trouble financially/economically.

  7. I think today is the day my ulcer matures. Love you all! This mad world!

  8. sometimes I just feel the right to bear arms in the American Constitution is such a powerful right. The American elite will do everything in its power to keep having a monopoly on the oil to appease the American people.

  9. Great leader MADURO 😇🇹🇷maduro you are not alone

  10. Makes no difference, wrecking ball,

  11. They have aready broken the coup, now begins a death.sweep,

  12. "Oil makes up 95% of exports" So, then it is also partially Venezuela's fault. This is what happens when you do not diversify your economy. Your move socialist apologists

  13. Oh dear aggain usa playing dirty role aggain Venezuela like a Egypt like how they trough the president mursi.

  14. mr president maduro are you takeing people from california i dont want to share my mind here no more my dna say im a real amrican

  15. Do the people in this comment section are even aware that 80% of Vennezuela's crude oil production already goes to the US through the PDVSA subsiary in the US CITGO. But this is less than 7% of what the US comsumption putting Venezuelan behind Canada and Mexico and currently the US has become and oil exporter themselves thanks to "Fracking" while Venezuela had import liquid gasoline from Algeria because the inept and negligent Management of the Chavez lackys that took over after he fired all the executive in 2003
    There is no doubt The US wants to tumble Maduro but is not for oil at this point.

  16. Every country in the world should cut ties with our thieving war criminal thieving government here in America. They are pure evil…

  17. It is time to being these narco terrorists Maduro and gang to justice. Death penalty to Maduro

  18. America and their Zionist Master Israhell are enemy of the world. Free Palestine

  19. Imf are bunch of confused people

  20. Venezuela's oil is too sweet …

  21. Oil is the reason the US is meddling.

  22. No ties were cut. Maduro does not have the authority. Guaido is President

  23. Democracy never existed and will never exist it is just a word to lure people two something which they are totally against it .

  24. Maduro days are numbered

  25. what do you respect from USA? They are the root of all evil because their government is controlled by Zio-Rotschild.

  26. Us destroyed Venezuela Libya Iraq Afghanistan Syria Palestin Yemen whole world!

  27. The Russians and the Iranians robbed me of a great victory in syria. I almost did Assad like i did to Saddam & kaddafi. I just hope they won't stick their nose in my buisness in South America. Venezuela will soon be in the Palm of my evil hands

  28. US trying to tell other countries how to govern themselves when their own government is shutdown lmao

  29. Haven't the USA and UK caused enough trouble in the world already? This is how you cause mass immigration and asylum seekers

  30. Venezuelan people should look to Libya

  31. Good move Venezuela! Kick those American pigs out of your country!

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