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🇻🇪 Venezuela: Military vehicle drives into protesters | Al Jazeera English

The government of President Nicholas Maduro says it is facing down a coup by supporters of opposition leader and self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido.
Speaking from a military base, Guaido and his supporters say the time has come to confront Maduro’s government.
The ultimate loyalty of the country’s powerful military is still in doubt.
Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

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  1. Guaido and Lopez are heroes

  2. Juan Guaido is a hero

  3. They are all fat …. hmmm

  4. What kind of idiot just charges at an armoured vehicle unarmed?

  5. Another civil war started by the U.S in an oil-rich country.
    What a shame.

  6. Great scenario for movies! I guess no bathroom cleaning today? Geez

  7. Guaido trained by the same people that trained Obama.

  8. Venezuelian oil is stolen by China and Russia, Chavez was a traitor and Maduro is a chinese and russian lapdog.

  9. Let Maduro take at his home and a new energy take power to supply people with everything

  10. Maduro respect Indonesia.

  11. Just another normal day in Israel.

  12. The people of the Venezuela doesn't know that "Guaido & lopez" will be the president of destroyed Venezuela. Come on people don't destroy your own country..

  13. Another "regime change" for oil

  14. Lopez and Guiado are heroes of Venezuela

  15. Maduro is not fit to rule

  16. kill maduro and there will be peace in venezuela

  17. Can't some one shoot him in da head
    Done deal

  18. PROPAGANDA for Obama Clone Little Gaido

  19. Venezuela's people will be able to solve their issues, no one can interfere in their country issues, it should shameful for america


  21. Zionist r devils … Uk n us evils in hands of israel !

  22. Thats why kid u dont throw petrol bombs/moltovs on military vehicles

  23. Guaido is a stupid puppet of America that wants to control oil in Venezuela. Disgusting!

  24. Venezulas people are foolish they r deteriorating theor own sate on the directives of USA

  25. Learn from US. ..A carpet bombing or nuking could solve this problem..Learn from bombings on Hiroshima.Vietnam Iraq Syria Libya. Afghaniatan. This can save the precious lives of soldiers police

  26. I detest trump, and I fully know the poor history of the US in the americas. However this does not make me blindly support maduro. Seriously I wish trump would just stfu at it just fuels these idiots who support a very corrupt tyrannical maduro and claiming anyone protesting is just an american stooge.

    I get so sick of people on the left and right who will blindly support someone just because he is one of theirs. I have nothing against socialism if it is the will of the people, but I wont just blindly support a leader because he claims to be a socialist. If anything maduro has hurt the socialist cause worldwide, and all you supporting him are no better than those who support right wing fascist leaders.

  27. Don't protest fight like a soldier

  28. Maduro has to go. World needs oil.

  29. People in Venezuela have been forced to eat rancid meat because of the actions of its current selfish government. I hope they can fight the corrupt government and remove the current president and rise up as a wonderful nation.

  30. American Israel want to broke Venezuela 😢😢like libya iraq Palestinian

  31. God bless United state of America……

  32. Israhell is evil and love to see people suffer

  33. a wise indian that worked for the british once said an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

  34. This is all because of america scums

  35. Ask yourselves with out the sanctions imposed by the united snakes or the CIA involvement would this be happening…

  36. Down with jewmerican imperialism…

  37. USA and Israel going to make venezeula as a next syria.. pray for venezeula🙏🏼

  38. Tecknx Official. Agree. Blessings

  39. He didnt “declare himself”. Per their constitution, he is the temp president. Stop the fake news.

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