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🇾🇪 19 million Yemeni children suffer malnutrition and illness l Al Jazeera English

A warning: Viewers may find some images in this report distressing.

When Yemen’s warring sides agreed to stop fighting and withdraw their troops from a crucial port city, there was hope that more food and medicine would soon flow in.
But with sporadic fighting has continued and there is growing despair for 19 million Yemenis suffering from malnutrition and illness.
Aid agencies have said time is running out, particularly for the children.
Al Jazeera’s Osama bin Javaid reports.

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  1. Allah will set everything right in this world. Allah-the omnipotent, the omnipresent and the merciful!

  2. Wheres the foreign aid trump .trump is looking bad for not helping the Yemen

  3. I cant believe this is happening in 2019 .there's no humanity

  4. Ohh really bad news but govt should treatment properly and extra help some money to it's poor family

  5. Why is no USAid here and US bringing democracy and watching for this humanitarian crisis!!

  6. Being INDIA. Hindu today feel shame sorry to support Palestinian Syria Libya Afghanistan Iraq Yemen so many year bcoz this people are supporting terrorist organisation attack India shame to me

  7. They should be ashamed. Stop selling weapons to saudia Arabia

  8. Yeah, well, according to the French FRANCE 24 news channel, this is nothing compared to the dozen of malnourished children in Central Africa ! No kidding, the markets are full of food but they are currently crying wolf about famine.

  9. ISRAEL🇮🇱🤝SAUDI🇸🇦👎👎👎 😡😤


  10. Cursed babylonians may perish soon. Aameen.

  11. What's the Yemen Prime Minister doing? Deaths after deaths but no messages to the media. UN is useless

  12. No us trucks of aid at the bordér. Only their bombs sold to saudi

  13. Evil leaders of the world

  14. Allahu akbar why are Saudi ,un ,EU not helping conditions are pathetic. May god protect

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