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🇾🇪 Do the Houthis have a plan for peace in Yemen? | UpFront

In this week’s UpFront, we ask Hisham Sharaf, the Houthi-backed foreign minister in Sanaa, about their quota of responsibility in the crisis and the civilian casualties in the ongoing war in Yemen.

And in a special interview, we ask Francis Fukuyama, whose latest book is titled Identity: the Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment, if identity politics are really damaging democracy.

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  1. Education is empowering toward democracy learn yourself know yourself Democracy was invented by positivism by who would've been set into mediocrity bc of their extraordinarily heartfelt genius toward a better broader meaning of life & living. Peacemakers are identity geniuses not just the well taught

  2. From this I see very powerful powerful men defending the starving & disavowing they who will continue to allow them to starve before all creation.

  3. Salaam fi Yemen ick must rule

  4. Normaly Mehdi blindly defends Iranian expensionism

  5. Kill all houtis nuke Iran nuke Israel and and peace will come to the middle east

  6. Interviewing a shia terrorist

  7. We wrong spelled it. Its ث at least you spelled it with normal S. Not a T.

  8. Wow Francisco. What ever happened to Japan and the Japanese? That nuclear bomb has completely tamed them.

  9. Mahdi Hasan always taking the Qataris government sides an positions.

  10. Their plan for peace is to kill off the royal family members of Saudi Arabia.

  11. Let's talk for peace world , nothing bombing on war field ,no battlefields, houthi couldn't win Saudi US weapons …!!
    There must be stop suffering woman and children's

  12. My Houthi comrades!! figthing against capitalism.

  13. Yemen has all the rights to defends itself!
    What is the difference between dropping a bomb from the air or planting hiding it somewhere or attach it to a rocket?
    Its BS to defend saudi bloodsuckers, i wish Yemenis where Jews and the outcome and the world's reaction would be quite different i guess. I mean imagine killing 50,000 Jews and in defence they just shoot some old rusty rockets!
    50 years from now we'll have only shame stories about this time.
    Shame on us all. Shame on the world's leaders!

  14. Mehdi is such a scum bag and he sucks at interviews. The Yemenis have the right to fire rockets anywhere they want to in the countries that purposely bombed weddings, funerals, schools and hospitals. Maybe if the infrastructure and civilian population in Arabia and UAE get bombed from the air they'll come to their senses or at least they'll be getting what they dish out.

  15. I lost all respect for the host of this show. He is bias and ridiculous. Houthis do not deliberately target civilians. They fire missiles or artillery at enemy positions which sometimes hit civilian areas. This is true in any war. This can not be compared to Saudi DELIBERATELY targeting civilians.

  16. The minister is a credit to his country. Unlike the Saudi one that seems incapable of talking truth even if he ever tried. Kudos.

  17. I have great Plan for Peace in Yemen : Send the US PARASITING LEECHING LOOOOSER US MILITARY packing , thats the MOMENT the Saudis collapse and the Hootis will take complete Control over Yemen supported by Iran and normalize the Situation . The Saudis are ONLY as strong as the US GOV is supporting them , WITHOUT , THE SAUDIS WILL FIZZLE OUT LIKE AN OLD FART 😆😆😆

  18. Its simple. Why doesn't Iran stop funding the Houthi terrorist groups in Yemen ? Iran is the one who started this war . If you see the Yemeni forces controlled areas , there is no starvation or cholera affected people. Its in the Houthi controlled areas . Houthis are starving their own and the aid they get from United nation are not going to supply to the civilians. They give this aid to soldiers and their people starve . Dont believe the Iranian communist propaganda media such as PressTV or RT

  19. My Favore flag is from yemenies ppl they know exactly terrorists countries,it ain,t color it is 4 line text;
    Allah is great
    Down with america
    Down with israel
    Down with jewish
    Victory is for islam

  20. Victory or Death!!!
    You go to Qatar and ask them bastards in The coalition against Yemen!
    Victory or Death!!!

  21. Need it in german, Bismillah!

  22. Well the hutti got a human being and not global capitalist shell as foreign minister…

  23. Well how i see it is one side has clearly won, but the other side refuse to accept it.
    And still trys to bomb the other side into oblivion.

  24. Not enough bombs and weapons, so Trump is selling the Saudi's more bombs & weapons to enhance the killings of Yemenis. MBS needs be assassinated ASAP.

  25. Lol what about a white boy in Africa what his chance of buying land

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