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🇾🇪 Yemen's Houthi forces kill Saudi soldiers in combat | Al Jazeera English

Saudi state media say Yemen’s Houthi rebels have killed at least nine Saudi soldiers in a renewed military offensive.
The attacks happened in the southern Saudi provinces of Aseer, Jazan, and Najran.
It is the worst spate of violence since a UN-brokered peace deal was signed in December.

Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta reports.

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  1. Yemen is causing their own children to starve, if they actually cared for their own people they wouldn't pick a fight they knew they had no chance of winning. Long live king salman and our strong army 💚🇸🇦

  2. Saudi Arabia has been took kind…it should use maximum force and use its airforce and Armour forces to crush the rebels.

  3. Yemeni people please with rocket attack the net of Satan. Saudi Arabia palace.

  4. Saudi Barbaria must not win. May God generously bless and protect the Yemeni people.

  5. I'm from Pakistan & I Love Saudi

  6. Fack 🇸🇦🇺🇸🖕🖕🖕

  7. Harm of any religion is to rule according to religion instead of democracy or socialism

  8. Look at to criminals westerners and Zionists and vahabism action in yeman very disgusting

  9. Allah hu akbaar, ya Muhammada peace be upon him. Saalam alaikum wah rahmatullahi wah barakaatuhu Yemen. Ramadan mubarak. May Allah give you peace. Shame on you Najd, shame on you najd! You are hurting innocent people and especially children. Shame on you najd shame on you najd!!!

  10. i think saudi arabia now criminal . ..because i see that . after attacking yemen . there people and children's condition is very bad .. they dont get necessary food ..

    i am very sad and my mind is upset for them .. ya allah protect the yemenies people ..

  11. Sorry Yemen.I am an American who thinks this is total bullshit and a serious humanitarian crisis.Hopefully,you are getting in significant
    military supplies to keep the Saudis at bay.Apparently what Saddam did was evil,but this is ok.

  12. Houthis are terrorist and they are trying to dominate Yemen ! Yemenis are innocent from these ugly houthis who are trying to dominate Yemen and claiming they are fighting for Allah ! Allah is ashamed and is standing with Sunnis. Saudi Arabia are helping Yemenis, and fighting the houthis (Shia) which are funded by Iran ! LONG LIVE SAUDI AND LONG LIVE YEMEN !

  13. saudi is killing civilians and they have to take responsibility of deaths of their own soldiers because innocents are getting killed no the family of saudi government.

  14. Hurray. !! I pray they kill every one of the inglorious basterds

  15. This is exactly why Saudi is afraid to fight in the ground

  16. Let the whole world be ashamed children are do nothing wrong and do not deserve to suffer ! God help them PLEASE !

  17. I don't get it doesn't yeman have its own army's or government . Why r the hothi rebales only defending their country?

  18. You kill over more than 10,000 Yemeni civillian and the you triggered after 9 soldiers are lost?

  19. US is arming the Saudis never forget

  20. Sanders is Jewish Zionist , since Jewish Zionist control senate, congress, government, economy of USA, there is no need for another one, they even have majority in supreme court, weak up, this is ISRAEL which control United states,every year our tax money through IPAC channeled to this terrorist country Israel and since creation in middle east we notice war and death,to some extend create hate toward UNITED STATE like 911, weak up please ,we have to boycott Israel and prevent Jewish representative go to government and senate and congress.

  21. Arabs killing each other???

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