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🇾🇪Yemen war: UN-backed talks set to launch | Al Jazeera English

Talks to try to end the almost four-year war in Yemen are set to begin in Sweden this week.

It is hoped they are the start of ending what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history.

Al Jazeera’s Paul Chaderjian reports.

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  1. Shiekh MBS become Hitler he need to shave his beard and style his mustache like Hitler ofcourse change his shoes to putin oh he still can have Saudi cloths

  2. The OIC led by Wahhabi is determined to wipe out Shias from the face of the earth.

  3. When will the Islamic world stand up to China for imprisoning Muslims and basically outlawing Islam? Or is Chinese money more important to the Islamic world than the one million Muslims in Chinese prisons for the crime of being Muslim?

  4. My heart shattered when i saw that child 2:35

  5. can someone please tell me what the UN do?

  6. Too much talk when action is needed as now-right away! Every second counts to a suffering body! Holy God have mercy & slap off the bad, turn the tide for good, amen.

  7. Pakies terrorists every where

  8. so to all the Yemenis Ahlar is not listening.

  9. dont drop bombs saudis drop food & water and you will win

  10. All terrorist is backed by cia if theres no houthi then the u.s cant sale billions every year of weapons to Saudi Arabia.thats the only reason the Yemenis are suffering the greed of the Pentagon.arrest them

  11. Allah order to Saudi Arab to do this. Muslim world should not question about this.

  12. where there is islam, there is poor, terrorist, backwards, please kill islam stick, and save the boy and the people on sahara. fuck Mohammed, the most vile person on the world.

  13. This just looks likes getting worse I don't see anyone moving toward a stop to this it is unreal!

  14. Wow, the US is withdrawing?? The country must be destroyed, mission accomplished.

  15. Saudi-USA-Israeli evil alliance needs to be stopped.

  16. Its of the upmost importance Tell them time is of the essence. While sitting on there self inportant arses .there only one interest and there to young to answer!

  17. MBS stop the war and feed them

  18. The U.N. meeting in Swedenstan; that'll solve a lot!

  19. Saudi monarchy must be prosecuted for the war crimes! Nazi concentration camps and entire Yemen today, look terrifyingly the same. The international tribunal should be called on this. It will prevent other nations to escalate tensions that lead towards war. When there is a willingness, there are always peaceful solutions.

  20. It’s another holocaust on the Arabs now Hitler comes from Europe and they bring this from Europe on our people

  21. death at a scale from the inhuman mind . with no compassion or mercy. evil at one of the highest levels

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