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🌍 Tech giants pledge to fight 'extremist' content online | Al Jazeera English

The leaders of France and New Zealand have launched a global campaign to get technology companies and governments to combat violent web content.
Their so-called ‘Christchurch Call’ comes in response to attacks in the city in March, when a gunman killed 51 people at two mosques.
Facebook, Twitter and Google and 18 countries have pledged to do so.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris.

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  1. Roughish Government's UK France & New Zealand

  2. well it keeps the pressure up at least

  3. End of comicsgate because online violence content hate speech

  4. she looks like a skeleton

  5. Jacinda Ardern and all World leaders that support her agenda are Orwellian Fascists

  6. We see where America stands with extremism, obviously not fighting against it that is for sure, we also know why.

  7. Said that ii s for years about Mass immigration. They are idiots it is too late. Mass migration with different Religions and cultures and thought processes will rip the West apart.
    Trudeau and his multiculturalism and deversity is stirring up the far right in Canada.

  8. Islam is a violent religion . No other religion has given birth to so many terrorist hroups.



  10. Just waiting for ancaps to get silenced on every major platform.

  11. Peacefully! US is known as the key founder of extremism, it performed a bigger contributions to the rose and operations of al-Qaeda in the earlier stage in fighting against Soviet Union in Afghanistan, contributed in growth of daesh/Isis in Iraq and Syria, funded alnusra & related terrorists organizations operating in Syria. Therefore, anything that is set for fighting against everything extremists shall never be blessed by the US government officials, especially those with the hidden agendas, using the extremists in achieving their goals.

  12. What is extremist content and why phrase it like it is a control word ?

  13. Stupid Macron is fighting against extremists online while extremists in REAL LIFE are rioting against HIM.

  14. Macron is by far the best president in many decades.

  15. Like always trying to censure the internet

  16. Still on christchirch? How about srilanka

  17. The evil πŸ‘Ώ wild beast speaks . Sleeping with the devil

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