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🌎 Is the new trade deal replacing NAFTA a win-win-win situation? | Inside Story

It was billed as the world’s largest free trade area affecting 500 million people when NAFTA was signed in 1994. Barriers were removed and trade boomed, making it worth $1.2 trillion. But critics argued it decimated several manufacturing hubs in the US, with companies taking advantage of lower wages in Mexico to shift operations south.
US President Donald Trump promised to rewrite NAFTA or get rid of it. High-pressure negotiations followed. An unpopular outgoing government in Mexico struck a deal in August – long-time ally Canada was left out. Relations deteriorated between Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But the countries need each other economically and both appear to have found things they like in the new agreement to be called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement or USMCA.

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

Chris Garcia – CEO of Vicar Financial, and former Deputy Director at the U.S. Department of Commerce under President Trump
Colin Robertson – former Canadian diplomat who was part of the team that negotiated the original NAFTA deal in 1994
Fernando González-Rojas – Professor of International Trade at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

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  1. maxico will be hit with a big loss due to this trade deal , cheaply manufactured foreign goods played a HUGE part in mexico's economy .in the new deal the minimum wage will be $16/h in all 3 countries .
    (mexico had 4$/h)

    1-)therefore manufactures no longer have a reason to shift over to mexico

    2-)factories already in mexico would find out that manufacturing in the usa is cheaper if you take in account the transport cost (and since labor will soon cost the same in both countries why stay in mexico )

  2. Glad to hear Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, the EU are finally saying, china you have to play by the rules. Hoping for so so long was such a waste of time. May it never happen again.

  3. Trump has to have 4 more years to finish the china problem.

  4. US corporations have the elected official in their pocket. Like the mafia running the docks.

  5. The USA representative knows what's up

  6. Of course it is good for NA so that consumer have to pay more for the products.

  7. When you talk to a guy 10 times bigger than you, fairness only exists in the big guy's mercy. The US was generous, kind and very respected. Not any longer, Trump exaggerated the dark side of Americans which is eccentric, selfish, mean and arrogant, presented in front of the world in a nasty way. US power is declining, probably can not afford to be generous like it used to, unfortunately, Americans choose the worst Trump way for a change.

  8. The world need to team together and drop the us dollar and that will be the end of us

  9. All of Trump's trade deals or trade wars mean only one thing, American consumers will have to pay more.

  10. Trump is very smart and cunning…tariffs increase federal revenues and in the short run reduces both federal budget and trade deficits. He then can surely take the credit for his success. But it is a form of sales tax on American consumers and support big business to increase sales prices and profits . He stands tall against China which Trump calls many names and he himself appears strong in front of his supporters. What would happen in 2019 and 2020? Do you think he really cares?

  11. lol nice spokesperson hahaha

  12. We prodce things with cheap labor and sell it cheap… And you want high labor and latter loan to survibe. How is America is getting to be a better country than?

  13. Yes. Canada and Mexico are now the first countries to receive the Mark of the Beast on their forehead or right arms to Buy and to Sell, per Bible Revelation 13

  14. Trump actually really got a great deal

  15. It is interesting to hear this be compared to the TPP. Trump did not like that deal. Surely his base voted for him in part because of their dislike of TPP.

    I am Canadian. The original NAFTA made sure that 70% of our oil was gauranteed to the USA. that has not changed. Gas is similar too. We provide a great deal for our southern neighbors. In many ways it makes sense that this is the case. We are a very very abundant country. I am happy for us to sell resources to Mexico.

    In a lot of ways it makes sense to provide raw materials and US and Mexico to do more of the upgrading to turn the metals, plastics and fuels into well made things.

    I am very much in favour of less expensive organic dairy products coming here from USA. I also love the warm weather foods that we can buy here from Mexico.

    So perhaps this deal is ok and the changes are not worth sweating over too much. I would love to see us get rid of the supply management system here and to let the free market provide milk and eggs here within Canada. I do not like that American standards are lower then ours though. I do believe in high standards. Growth hormone is not what we want here.

  16. that's a 3x win Brilliant USMCA make north america great.

  17. for the record, chinese greed has no bounds

  18. Did Canada cede sovereignty on its right to trade with China, by bending to american demands that we consult them first, before entering into any other pact? thanks Gorilder for the answer below. The conflict resolution of section 11 says that a corporate tribunal rules over unfair trading practices between the countries. Has this not been altered?
    I trust the Canadian government more than I trust corporations to look out for Canadian interests. Donald trump made a point of using Chinese steel in his construction projects. Now his projects are over, he wants to punish anyone else who tries the same thing. Why do his supporters give him a pass on this also? Trump has insisted on clauses that benefit him directly in other renegotiated contracts, why would this one be different?

  19. So basically all he did was renaming NAFTA to YMCA.. Way to go Trump! He'll be remembered as the second-greatest brainwasher, after Hitler of course.

  20. Who in this world can define winning?

  21. chicken trump and loud mouth Larry kudlow are cowards. they can't fight china one-on-one alone with their low IQs, that they had to drag other countries involved into this trade war. the u.s. is a very strong country but the trump administration's ability is pitiful and pathetic. The u.s. had to form a group to fight China thus they are the ones being unfair.

  22. Its gonna be clutch when he legalizes Hemp!!!

  23. The idiot trump has thought he did something Great…but nothing is really done…as usual just bullying people…trump low class behavior.

  24. Serán destruidos y exterminados la poblacion en estados unidos (FUTURE) and (YEAR 1995) seran eliminados todos los estadounidences seran muertos FUERA DEL UNIVERSO y serán exterminados y destruidos la poblacion en puertorico y su maldita isla sera exterminada por toda la eternidad FUERA DEL UNIVERSO y serán exterminados la poblacion en latinoamerica y el caribe y serán exterminados la poblacion en la union europea y serán exterminados la poblacion en rusia y el ocidente y serán exterminados la poblacion en arabia saudita y serán exterminados la poblacion en israel y serán exterminados la poblacion en toda nacion que nos haga frente en el planeta tierra. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ATT. ASSOCIACION UNIVERSAL ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  25. Is actually remain the same trade deal but changed of name? – Do you call this new? 😂😂😂

  26. Really? The economy of US is improving than China? US has an unemployment problems long time ago, Chinese are all working. The male host is very professional in handling his guest in this program, good job!

  27. Some brokers are not worth it to trade with they can only deceive one with rubbish strategies out of ones capital, Mr Frank Robert helped me with a great strategy and with a mighty software that actually works and to my greatest surprise he never demanded anything back from me, that's how real Broker/Account Managers do, they don't request for money to help. I pray that GOD Almighty shall continue blessing him for his good job.

  28. This host/anchor is much better than most other male anchors recently in Al Jazeera. He shows the guests respect by not cutting them off repeatedly and that’s a welcome trait of journalism in my books

  29. ©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    ONLY time will tell if it's good or bad

  30. NAFTA = CMA 🇨🇦🇲🇽🇺🇸 a lost- lost- lost Trade statement

  31. This is pretty sly i suppose. Trump criticizes Obama's trade deal so that he doesnt get credit. Then Trump can make some superficial changes, keep nafta mostly the same and claim the whole thing is his idea and his gullible base will give him credit for Obama's achievement.

  32. they keep repeating the lie that china is "taking advantage", but look back at history and see what exactly happened. china join WTO on the same year that 911 happened. and what is GWB's reaction to 911? he decided to relax the market to drive down prices to help the american people deal with the losses and regain their confidence. this was a deliberate policy by the US government to cope with the losses of 911 and people are acting as if China created the problem and deficit. no, it was the US government that decided they were going to accelerate deficit spending and trade to raise american morale. that was how it happened. US has to start taking responsibility for their own action instead of blaming China. China has been very accommodating and helpful during the 2007 crisis as well without which US would have crashed and burned.

    what must be recognised is the trade deficit is the result of a policy to have a budget deficit. it not the other way around. and this is why the trade deficit has actually expanded under trump, because the problem wasn't the balance of trade, it was US overconsumption that draws foreign good in to fill in the gap. to end the trade deficit, US has to balance it budget.

  33. What USMCA is is a exercise in marketing. It only makes small changes at the margins. but his supporters are too dumb to realize this. All Trump has to do is say he renegotiated the 'Greatest Bigly Trade Deal in the history of the world' and his idiot supporters will praise him.

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