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🌩️ Media and climate change: Why we need a total overhaul | The Listening Post

On this week’s The Listening Post: The UN’s new climate report says “unprecedented changes” are needed now, so how should the media change? Plus, Viktor Orban’s media allies eye outlets outside Hungary.

Climate change: Do we need a total media overhaul?

Only a small proportion of news consumers will have heard about the report released earlier this month by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. Not because the report was dull or inconsequential but because the global media is still proving unable – or unwilling – to grapple adequately with the story of our warming planet.

With scientists agreed that the world has just 12 years left to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, coverage of the IPCC report was a flash in the pan – an initial wave of headlines receding as quickly as they emerged.

Climate change is the world’s most significant existential challenge and those who want to cover it are still wondering how to convey its size and scale.

The Listening Post’s Meenakshi Ravi reports on the coverage of the IPCC report and what it reveals about the state of climate reporting today.

Lisa Hymas – Director, Climate & Energy Program, Media Matters for America
Chandra Bhushan – Deputy director, Centre for Science and Environment; Consulting editor, Down to Earth
Alyssa Battistoni – Editorial Board member, Jacobin
Martin Lukacs – Environment writer, The Guardian

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Exporting Hungary’s media model

After two consecutive terms in power, and another landslide election victory this past April, there seems to be little that can threaten the rule of Viktor Orban in Hungary.

However, the project to consolidate his power over the media is still in progress. In the eight years since Orban’s Fidesz party swept to victory in 2010, numerous media outlets have been shut down or seen drastic changes in their editorial line, often after changes in ownership.

This is why alarm bells rang last month when Orban allies closed in on Index.hu, the last remaining outlet read and respected on both sides of Hungary’s political divide.

Hungary watchers are also observing how the Orban media model is gaining a foothold in countries such as Macedonia and Slovenia where Orban allies are promoting the Hungarian Prime Minister’s pan-European agenda through media investments.

The Listening Post’s Will Yong reports.

Agnes Urban – Economist, Mertek Media Monitor
Gabor Miklosi – Editor-in-chief, Index.hu
Zselyke Csaky – Senior researcher, Freedom House
Akos Keller-Alant – Journalist, Magyar Narancs
Sandra Basic-Hrvatin – Head of Media Studies, University of Primorska

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  1. if you make over 50k/year, you are the problem. The top 20% of earners = 70% of emissions, this includes climate scientists.

  2. No technology's exist that could refreeze the arctic sea ice on the scale necessary to save us. There is no saving us . Sad but true. Time to stop repeating that old platitude.  Nothing that humans can do will stop the sea ice and glaciers from melting and the seas rising. This summer the arctic suffered an almost blue water event. Fresh water is pouring into the seas right now and perma frost are melting at a rapid rate all over the world. The release of methane that comes with permafrost and sea bed melting will accelerate warming. Located within zones that will be severely damaged by seas rising are man's greatest folly, the nuclear power plant. Fuchushima has multiple meltdowns doing it's job to help heat the planet with cores burning hotter than the sun. Releasing man made radiation in volumes that dwarf the 2500 nuclear bomb test of the 1940s,50s,60s  combined. We where exposed then and now. There are many things that could possibly happen to bring man to extinction. The fact is glacial and sea ice are rapidly melting right now. Humans are sick in ways never known before our biosphere was irreparably irradiated with man's folly. We are living in uncertain times for sure. There are things to be done now to alleviate suffering in the near future. Move away from the rising sea before you become a climate refugee. These are the things to be thought about now. There is no stopping or fixing this predicament. A mass human migration from the seaside now is the only hope. Humans changed the world for the worse now they need to change to keep from suffering from it. Food could be the next problem. might have to utilize caves and subways etc. to grow in a more controlled environment. Stop thinking about how we can fix it and start thinking about how we are going to live with it. Good Luck we might not can live with it. But what fun to try.

  3. Wish it was 10 years but it is happening much faster only because IPCC did not include many feedback's. The IPCC had to make to fossil fuel countries happy when it published the report. The report is already out of date because for the first time the thick ice had moved away from Greenland which was not to happen for many decades northern shores and we just passed the lowest ice extents ever. There is enough CO2 in the atmosphere to send us well past 1.5 C. Yes there is definitely not enough coverage and this is going to send this world into downward spiral rely fast into extinction of most of the human race.

  4. With ever wind turbine they put up things get worse " maybe" they are causing it ?

  5. Many Russian trolls and agents are writing here. Vlladimir Putin is a thug and a killer in Ukraine and in Syria

  6. Fossil Fuel Investment = Stranded Assets

  7. Climate change ???? Liars ,,,, Climate change = GEOENGINEERING

  8. All the country's in the Paris agreement are using it to tax the population of their country's…that's why Donald trump left the Paris agreement….it is the biggest con in the world…all the scientist's say what the government's want them to say ..or NO funding..go to your government for money to promote global warming and you WILL get the cash…if you want money to dispute what they say you will get NOTHING….

  9. stop operating more factory especially china.

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