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🏆Nobel prize winner Nadia Murad full speech l Al Jazeera English

Nadia Murad, a human rights activist from the Yazidi community of Iraq, delivers a moving speech at the Nobel Prize 2018, where she urges the world to protect Yazidis.

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  1. The cause of all these misery is the United States, Israel, UK, and France the usual International criminals..

  2. Always kill katterwadi…. they are anyme of human write…

  3. Depois de quebrar convenções a Acadeia Sueca com o Nobel da Paz atribuído anos atrás…voltou a rostos desconhecidos ..Estes que fazem a diferença no mundo expondo a nu causas graves e que infelizmente por este mundo fora!! A paz nunca é lucrativa e com os Nobel atribuídos anteriormente …não seria por aí que a luta pelos direitos humanos e a paz se fariam…O que lhes deu na cabeça para atribuírem esses Nobel??

  4. I join her in thought and in my heart

  5. When SHE pointed out..
    When SHE pointed her finger at..
    The awful outlaws,
    Raising up the call,
    SHE dug a hole..
    In the silence wall
    Standing tall..
    SHE cut a sword with a ROSE
    SHE longliving WOMEN's CAUSE
    Making all the raped..
    All those enslaved..
    VICTORIOUS of all

  6. From Sinjar to Mosul
    From Mosul to Baghdad
    SHE was the one..
    Who's had the guts..
    To expose the ugly nuts,
    The twenty first century's shame:
    : The ISIL thugs
    That's why, with her..
    GLORY's had another NAME:

  7. This is a powerful speech, but I can’t help but feel like the guy is struggling a bit

  8. I wish there is also a female voice translation for this. it's so weird to hear it from a deep manly voice against a soft spoken lady in the background 🙁 I wna feel her more. not a complain, just a suggestion 🙂 good job anyway 🙂

  9. She is a guiding light finding her brilliance and moving forward though the darkness. Isis is evil ISIS= Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. And theworld is still being abused by them. Free Palestine!

  10. "[Yazidi] clans do not intermarry with non-Yazidis and accept no converts to Yazidism. A severe punishment for breaking this rule is expulsion, which is also effectively excommunication as the soul of the exilee is forfeit."

  11. I feel sorry for you. I wanna cry , thank you for your story.

  12. proud of you Nadia, of your resistance and strength

  13. What ISIS did is just a precursor of what is happening and will happen in Europe. Please Jazeera make a report about the Pakistani rape gangs in England and the horrific rape statistics in Sweden, where 87 percent of all assault rapes are committed by mainly muslim rapefuges.

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