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🔥 Paris' Notre Dame cathedral 'saved, preserved' after massive fire | Al Jazeera English

Hundreds of firefighters fought to save one of the world’s landmark buildings in Paris after a massive fire engulfed the centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral on Monday evening.
French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild the symbol of Paris and French culture.
It’s not yet known how the fire started.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris.

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  1. A Parallel with Septembre 11th ?Quel Paralel Entre September 11 th and l'incendie de Notre Dame de Paris ?

    Humilier, Choquer, désillusionner, la populace devant une scène volante et audacieuse d' édifice

    religieux un chef' œuvre historique un lieu d' adoration en le mettant an proie aux flammes

    qui pendant 2 heures illuminent les ténèbres sans même aucun secours des pompiers, alors

    que l' eau de la seine est la! Tout au tour; sans même déclencher un plan de contingence.

    Attendre 2 heures ! Pour bien mobiliser le maximum de badauds et détruire leur spiritualité

    dans un état d' impuissance totale. Puis soudain , un homme qui n' avait plus aucune réponse

    devant les revendications du peuple en colère, refait surface sur la scène médiatique et domine

    a nouveau la charade et l' emporte sur le GJ,

  2. يا لها من مساعدة قانونية بين الحادي عشر من سبتمبر وحريق (نوتردام دي باريس) ؟
    إذلال ، صدمة ، إحباط ، الشعب أمام مشهد طائر وجريء للمبنى
    الدينية تحفة تاريخية مكان للعبادة بإشعال النار فيه
    الذين لمدة ساعتين تضيء الظلام دون أي مساعدة من رجال الإطفاء ، ثم
    أن ماء نهر السين هو! – بدورهم ، دون حتى إطلاق خطة طوارئ.
    انتظر ساعتين ! تعبئة أكبر عدد ممكن من الناس وتدمير روحانيتهم
    في حالة من العجز التام. ثم فجأة ، رجل لم يكن لديه إجابة
    في مواجهة مطالب الناس الغاضبين ، يظهر مجددا على الساحة الإعلامية ويهيمن
    مرة أخرى التمثيلية وتفوز على gj,

  3. Maybe they simply did not gave enough money to finish the work 😉

  4. From what I see it was a couple of hours before fire fighters responded? Truth please?

  5. The authorities were saying this was "an accident" while it was still burning. Cover up started before the investigation even began…

  6. Who worship wood and Stone.. ?

  7. فرنسا بلد الحب والرحمه والانسانيه والفن والابداع والالوان والزهور والانور نحزن حزن عميق لخسارة معلم تاريخي مهم ويذكر به اسم الله او الرب والتقرب به الى الله
    تحيت حب وتضامن لي دولة فرنسا شعبأ وحكومتأ(عراقي مسلم)

  8. A church is not important. The human body is where God dwells in.

  9. I’m not accusing anyone but when I was in Paris, so many people were smoking! Maybe you should stop smoking cigarettes.. one of the construction workers could be smoking and that could lit up the place…

  10. I do remember the cathedral from Hunchback of Noterdam. Much love from India. Where I can donate? 🇮🇳

  11. this is GREAT ! Imperialist Franc's historical monument turned to ashes. The world will never forget how you conquered and colonized Africa with your French flag and Christian missionaries.
    Now turned to Ashes. You Deserve it.

  12. B) inquistion the past of nasty priesthood behaviour ? It karma time ? Dude ? Flamming signs ! Evil church evil deeds ?

  13. A) who start the fire ..? Pedophile priest voddooo candle rituals …? The inquistion of the past torture people flamming are signs !!!?

  14. Tragic and very symbolic

  15. Funny how there investigating this as an accidental fire. I thought the point of an investigation was to determine the cause of the fire. Sounds like there trying to cover something up

  16. What a shame for France they can't preserve their heritage.

  17. I feel so bad thats paris france important thing and this happend yesterday which is monday this building is 800 years

  18. Magnifique mérite cela et plus 👊💪😏 Baiser sur la france et le christianisme


  20. The French stole the Egyptian obelisk during the French occupation of Egypt and so far are still in France so they deserve that

  21. Is there any news about the fire in the dome of the rock?

  22. The Bastion of France is burned to the ground Notredame is in ruins and I hope the damage is minimal.

  23. How many innocent boys they rapped in that nasty building

  24. They are dumb for not using a helicopter

  25. My heart goes out to everyone who has been spiritually hurt by this international tragedy. No one deserves such a thing. I might be a hindu but a house of worship is a house of worship. And I feel sick looking at the remains of such a beautiful symbol. I sincerely hope that frace and the rest of the world pitch in to fund the creation of a new and (almost) equally gorgeous building. If anyone has a way of donating please leave a link below.

  26. Is there no intelligence branch in France to detect these sabotage? If French playing piano like Luis the 16 ? Can they revive the archeological structure?

  27. This is just a pagan temple.. Who cares LoL

  28. 10 churches burnt in a month in Paris what’s going on.

  29. Next should be Eiffel Tower

  30. All people

    Are under surveillance

    But not the criminals + terrorists

  31. Haunch back got angry with his wife…

  32. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned Emperor at this historic cathedral. Shame on the arsonists basterds…

  33. Probably a Muslim attack again the religion of peace ???

  34. They needs to rebuild it at the expanse of their a quarter of their tax funds. Whoever the crew or contractors or renovations workers will be fired after this incident.

  35. I'm shocked by the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris !
    Even God could not protect this historical masterpiece from human misconduct !
    It's very terrible…..
    It's a pity…

  36. It's a tragedy… Big tragedy…. But I am sure French will come back stronger and will build even better monument…… Our prayers are with you. 🇮🇳 from India

  37. Heartbreaking images indeed ….to see historic buildings & especially of great significance ?! Tragic

  38. There is a hidden agenda in france govt. everywhere in french there is a camera show the clip there must be a clue.

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