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10 Animals With Real Life Superpowers

Today we’re going to talk about the most impressive, surprising, shocking, and scary real-life superpowers nature has to offer.

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  1. Did everyone draw their Anti-Seabear circle?

  2. The lyrebird was at least interesting

  3. Lake metaphor cross slight allegation effort constitutional vast

  4. everyone biological anger holy reasonable nearby controversial pause friendship politically bean

  5. What if the jellyfish get nuked?

  6. Damn the mantis shrimp is badass.

  7. My phone has ad block lol doesn't matter if you stretched out the outro

  8. the zurilla seems a bit like a honey badger

  9. This go hard I didn’t know this🔥

  10. guys plz watch some of my content and sub me cause you never know, i could sub you

  11. bugs thats getting mind controlled. ITS THE FLOOD!

  12. Hmm… What happened to the other thumbnail?

  13. thumbnail yes, that lobster is secretly a gun

  14. A like for that last one. Damns

  15. My favorite part of the video was the 1 mimit and 10 seconds at the end.

  16. Come on top trending get five million subscribers.

  17. Why was the hummingbird so high up it was the worst one

  18. That last one is crazy. Unbelievable too.

  19. y do these videos produced by SJW's always have to add in how bad humans are? stinking skum snowflakes.

  20. Hello. Woah incredible animal word. That one though…some scary sh*t right there ! ! Thanks 😀

  21. I wonder who discovers all this stuff?

  22. Omg a shrimp that knows the one-inch punch, hello there Bruce "Shrimp" Lee

  23. rise of the planet of the dogs, anyone?

  24. Super power if it were in a human. Not really a super power if every one of those animals has it

  25. 10 animals with amazing super powers! Last time I checked shrimp are crustaceans and insects are insects. #1 was a fungus?

  26. That’s why I don’t like mushrooms

  27. Someone was watching true facts

  28. half of the list consists of sea creatures. sea= overpowered

  29. Should have just put 2 puppys playing at the end tbh

  30. cockaroch better be in here (idk if i spell it right but yea)

  31. I'd rank the water bear #1. It can literally survive everything.

  32. Really wanted that 10min lul

  33. Wife leaves man. Isopod noise

  34. Top 10 ANIMALS!
    Yet you include a FUNGI as the last spot

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