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10 Celebrities Who Dated Underage Girls

Whether it’s legal or not, or the fact that they’re famous, it’s still pretty damn weird!

5 Celebrities Who Started In Porn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bdsH-TMXE8
5 Actors Who Almost Died on Set: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku_GsGryF_E
5 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXhDOQhOwjo

Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/baertaffy

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10 Celebrities Who Dated Underage Girls

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  1. If you're not a celebrity or famous,ppl consider it more insanely sick. I see they they not in prison,if you're person with a regular day job you'd probably be killed by someone or definitely be in prison

  2. Karl monloe is.not the best power forward

  3. R kelly : I'm not tryna be cool..
    Judge : Shut up! You're in court.

  4. OK, underage is under 16 in most states, the sexual age of consent is different then the age of legal maturity.

  5. whe she was only 17 ah cmon stfu only this is news is fking USA

  6. Honestly there's no big difference between 17 year old and 18 year old. That said here in europe it is allowed to date an older minor (above 16, the age of consent is 14 i think) but it would still be weird if 17 year old dated 30 year old. 17 and 20- 25 would be okay as long as everyone knows and approves

  7. elvis is a oreginal hunter…..

  8. Money = Power you are untouchable by anyone when you reach a point where everyone is buyable

  9. This is some goddamn disgusting-ass shit! I can't believe these… "celebrities" who's girlfriends were under 20 were Not THROWN IN FUCKING JAIL IMMEDIATELY! These men who court goddamn teenagers are fucking PREDATORS who deserve to either get their comeuppance in prison, executed, or outright CASTRATED!!

    The only time ANY of that shit is acceptable is when the WOMAN is Older than the GUY. THAT is okay… because as we all know… Women can NEVER be predators, and most certainly Not RAPISTS.

    Besides, this day and age, a woman would probably fix her son up with one of her female friends, just to help the guy get SOME experience, and see some glimmer of hope that her son WON'T die a fucking loser after all. That mother would probably later thank her female friend for giving her son some charity (read; PITY-Sex).

    Hell… only Males can be rapists… because males are always bigger, stronger, and possess the anatomical equipment required to rape.

    Besides… dating barely legal teen girls is NOT something to brag about. Dating hot women old enough to be your damn Mother IS!!

  10. Let's hear it for Don Johnson.

  11. id say 16-20 is ight as long as they dont have intercourse

  12. Brad Pitt and Juliet Lewis

  13. 16-27.. 9 year difference. Mhm yep good math

  14. It is only bad if they are more than 4 years apart and if it is sexual unless if it is between adults

  15. I want to date Eminem and I'm 13, when i become 23 I'm going for him!

  16. I think R kelly paid money to get off .

  17. Makes me feel better bc I'm about to turn 18 and my bf just turned 24 lol our age difference is nothing

  18. No fucking clue why people make Paul Walker seem like a fucking angel… Creepy ass fuck

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