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10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

What were once famous conspiracy theories are now real and horrifying historic events that actually happened!

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10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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  1. Finally, the great problem is that these truths are treated as conspiracy theories by the public culture while fantasies and fake news from the mass media are treated as unquestionable and objective truths.

  2. YOUR VOIce is OVER. draMATic.

  3. .. and people still dismiss conspiracy theories as though none are ever true and should never be listened to. It's pretty fucking stupid. There's been dozens of conspiracies that have been completely true and probably many more people are mocking and laughing at to come that we still don't know about.

    Look up Unit 731. That was the Japanese, but the US was also involved in that. Read about that shit. Humans do a lot of fucked up shit and I wish people would stop closing their minds off to things. Know your fucking history. Conspiracies are common as fuck and usually produce really sick and twisted shit.

  4. That's why I'm shouting since 2001 that 9-11 attacks was USA project and no one would believe me

  5. All is true Illuminate is against them and the rule the world

  6. So again top trending you must have 100% real proof about your claims. Not just your fucking retarded word. as 99% of your videos are so full of shit its not hard too see that even this one is fucking full of shit.

  7. After they dropped that gay bomb well you see it don't you out of nowhere gay people

  8. Looks like the CIA is guilty of all things y'all have been conspiring

  9. They’re still using the heart attack gun, it’s called “Donald Trump”

  10. "Bin Laden was, though, a product of a monumental miscalculation by Western security agencies. Throughout the 80s he was armed by the CIA and funded by the Saudis to wage jihad against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda, literally "the database", was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians" – Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary (28 February 1946 – 6 August 2005)

  11. The gay bomb… Ok all the other ideas are totally morally objectional, but turning off your empathy button you can see the logic… But the gay bomb! Ffs Lol

  12. I wanna work with the government just to know wtf is going on

  13. Weird how everybody seems to think the Illuminati is some sort of evil cult when they were fighting for equality and elightenment

  14. Control the info , control the people.

  15. The government still runs drugs. The government still murders people. And taking professional sports seriously is retarded.

  16. Conducted On Unlucky Subjects. . . . . let that sink in

  17. MKULTRA is in stranger things

  18. Area51 is a full lies, mouth ghost badder ligh dhutch man, I will return!

  19. I'm considering moving to the mountains and living a hunter/gatherer life. The more truth we uncover the more we fall down this psychopathic rabbit hole the elites created. I couldn't imagine having the mindset they have and go about my life like all is well.

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  22. Check me out, spread the light!

  23. The us govt are so dodgy they plan to kill their own citizens but when someone else does it they’re considered terrorists

  24. If thé US gov. has been doing this all along throughout its history does not one have to ask the question: "are they not still doing it?" Orchestrating acts of terrorism on their own citizens to provoke a war with Cuba 2:43 ? Isn't that what pearl harbor, 9/11 was? Lol they're now doing it to Muslim Americans just as they did to Cuban Americans! It's so damn obvious!!! It's like they don't even care anymore about covering up their atrocious acts of murder and conspiracy!! … what would also be utterly hilarious if wasn't so tragic is how the American gov constantly apologizes for their atrocious acts of conspiracy and murder only when enough time has passed by so that no one is around to be prosecuted! An apology and admission of fault is much better than a total inquiry and humiliation of the government!! We're probably not too far away from finding out who really killed Kennedy! Almost enough time has passed and almost all of the conspirators are now dead!

  25. cocaine in the 80s, opiates now.

  26. The American authority has become the ghost of Lucifer. It demands to know all things you have done, want to do, and even the thoughts and fantasies in your own mind so it can trap you. This is not a test. It is an American made trap. A Satanic deception and hipocracy. It is not about right and wrong – it is enslavement of all who do not "choose" their point of view. I testify that America has lost its right to have domestic power over the people. I have been witness to decades of abuse committed by the government. I am witness to the heartless abuses perpetrated by American authorities. Years upon years they have blasted a deafening noise and sirens on a continuous loop. They refuse to remain silent. They have indicated in every possible way they are spying and harassing in the most awful and unforgivable way. They have indicated to me their position of being in complete control of criminal networks, and that they are controllers of terrorists. They are the greatest terrorist masterminds on the planet. They manipulate others through perpetual negative reinforcement and torture. It uses artifical threats and artificial emergencies to justify a relentless and illegal spy network to which it uses on the public. Technology and tactics designed and engineered by the pentagon for the sake of combating foreign threats is being used right here, on the public!

  27. Number 3 – Us Military Creates Acts Of Terrorism In US – you then go on to explain that although this was looked into the plans never came to fruition so that means it didn't turn out to be true and is just a conspiracy theory.

  28. the whole world is like this. not just u.s. every government is crooked because people are driven by money and power.. no matter if its u.s. , u.k., china, Africa, all governments are shady and fucked up.

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