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10 Crazy Shoes Inventions You MUST See

You must see these crazy shoes inventions, some of them are mind-blowing!

10 Crazy Shoes Inventions You MUST See

ROAME Zeros http://roame.com/zeros/
ShiftWear http://www.shiftwear.com/
Enko http://fr.enko-running-shoes.com/
20:16 MoonWalker http://www.moonshinecrea.com/
Zubits https://zubits.com/
Powerlace http://www.powerlace.com/en/
BASE http://www.wiivv.com/
GM SHOES https://igg.me/at/gmshoes/x
Night Runner 270 http://nightrunner270.com/
Digitsole http://www.digitsole.com/

1. ROAME Zeros: Wireless Blinker Brake Motorcycle Shoe. First motorcycle shoe that is both safe and comfortable. Combining tech for impact protection, electronics, and abrasion resistance.
2. ShiftWear: The most adaptable shoes you’ll ever own, customized straight from your smartphone.
3. ENKO Running Shoe: Comfort and Power. Enko is a new type of running shoes, based on a unique and revolutionary technology.
4. 20:16 MoonWalker: The shoes that defy gravity! Futuristic urban shoes specially designed to experience what it feels like to walk on the moon.
5. Zubits: Your shoes just got insanely easy! Zubits make them magnetic. Lace Zubits onto your own shoelaces & they become fast & easy to put on & take off. No tying, knots, or messy bows. Just a clean look.
6. POWERLACE SHOES – ARE YOU READY TO STEP IN? Keep your hands free with Powerlace self-lacing shoes. The experience that you won’t forget.
7. BASE by Wiivv – Custom, 3D Printed Insoles. BASE is a 3D printed insole with custom design and foot digitization captured via smart phone.
8. GM SHOES: A Pair Of Technology Shoes To Parents. GM ,took seven years of research and development to make people wear comfortable.
9. Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: safely illuminate your path to run, walk, bike, and hike from dusk until dawn. See More / Run More.
10. Digitsole: The first interactive insole to heat your feet. Digitsole is the first connected insole on the market controlled via your smartphone – warm your feet, track your distance and calories.

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  1. Moonwalker- the north magnets are dacing each other- so the SOUTH magnet is facing up to YOU and it's North that's healthy, south facing you creates inflammation. Just so ya know.

  2. 14:26 Throughout the day you are supporting the arch with insoles, this is what keeps the muscles from working as they were intended (it's called atrophy). Your feet don't tire from being unsupported (i.e. not wearing shoes), they tire from lack of exercise, just like any other muscle in your body. I don't know who that lady is, but she is clueless.

  3. The best shoes ever made, were made by nature. Custom fit, waterproof/hydrophobic, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, flexible, ventilated, circulated internal warmth, requires no batteries, environmental friendly, highly adaptable to surroundings, advanced engineering design, odorless, can be washed daily with no material degradation, and much more.

  4. what a twit. the motorbike boots are made that way FOR A REASON! they stop you snapping your ankles if you catch them on anything.

  5. All those shoes are stupid. Anything to make money…

  6. So that's where we are after eons of evolution and millennia of cultural progress: we need help tying our shoes and high-tech devices that keep us from having to bend down.

    Maybe it's time for a do-over, give another species a chance.

  7. the shoes are garbage i mean really i bet its like 600$

  8. The audio on this video is ridiculous – pops, cutouts, different audio levels – garbage editing.

  9. you forgot about Swiss Barefoot Company's FYF toe sock/shoe

  10. 17:57 Lumpy Space Prince advertising Bond shoes??

  11. There are still people who think that we were on the moon? lol

  12. I mean, I wouldn't personally go for the motorcycle shoes but that is an amazing creation!

  13. where do i get the shiftwear shoes at ????

  14. the "floor manager" at 12:40 has no sense of fashion whatsoever or he has just never seen a good looking pair of sneakers

  15. Best Wishes to your Youtube Channel

  16. Roame wasn't built in a day 😂😂😂😂

  17. SHOE WITH A SPRING,NO,NO,NO. Heel should not go first,your "natural spring" is to go with toes first!

  18. Most of these shoes going to get anyone roasted

  19. ahhh, classic shoes is 100 Prozent better! Handmake

  20. moonwalker lol Stop with MJ's gimmick

  21. the third shoe does that, what our feet does without shoes…lol

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