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10 Insane Facts About Donald Trump’s Security

10 Insane Facts About Donald Trump's Security

Ever wonder how much it costs to protect the President of the United States, Donald Trump? We take a detailed look inside the costs and tactics secret service uses in order to keep President Trump safe.

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10 Insane Facts About Donald Trump’s Security

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  1. 3:22 is that steve harvey in the back?😂

  2. Well, the reason it costs so much to protect him is because of all the facts listed and plus he ONLY requires the best…and maybe because he can have all the security he wants

  3. Wow 97 million paying for their fucking golf trips while there's children on the street struggling to eat fresh non spoiled food in veterans who get no money and live on the street as well WTF America

  4. Damn, there's a lot of nigga's under-12 watching Top Trending videos.

  5. And here I am, just hoping my 401K goes up, lol

  6. Hey if the security cost is a problem for you ask the news to go 50/50 on reporting instead of 90/10. You can make anyone look like a fookin devil through the news so stop watching the shit. Trust me no news is the way to go he is doing just fine so leave em be.

  7. Us mexicans be helpin him too much 4 hin to think about dat wall 😂

  8. This guy is the anti-freedom himself.

  9. If the Government won’t impeach him do the Shutdown. His spending the national budget will.

  10. showing stuff that he bought with his OWN money and making it look like the "tax payers" bought/paid for it

  11. brace yourselves…….the snowflakes are coming

  12. Dont open

    I have nothing funny to say

  13. I Hate Trump

    What About You

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    So i am just saying this: Watch may last video and subscribe

    I hope you have luck in 2019👍🏻 bye

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