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10 Interviews That Destroyed Celebs’ Careers

10 Interviews That Destroyed Celebs' Careers

Being in the spotlight isn’t all that easy. These 10 celebrities slipped up big time in front of millions and seemingly ruined their careers in the process.

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10 Interviews That Destroyed Celebs’ Careers

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  1. Say whatever about Charlie Sheen, but he was EPIC in Two and a half man. The only reason show was amazing is because of him.

  2. Isme Hardik Pandya ka hai kya?

  3. Do you know what "destroyed" means? A few of these careers don't qualify as "destroyed"(Cruise)
    *not sure what Kathy Griffin had qualified as a "career" lol

  4. Where is Hardik Pandayea on the list ? 😂

  5. Fuck Snoop Dogg, hes a racist piece of shit.

  6. I don't care what people say about Megan Fox, what she said was the truth and years later everyone saw what kind of a useless director Michael Bay is….

  7. Just the dude talking, no sound from interviews. So lame.

  8. And we never saw Tom Cruise again…

  9. So your not going to let us hear any part of these interviews? I’ll take my subscription else where! 😂👋🏻

  10. vivek oberoi should top the list

  11. Pandya kidhar hai bhai

  12. 8:00 You gotta remember trump has too many dick riders oops i mean fans that support him

  13. “Ruined careers” of people that are still wildly successful

  14. That R Kelly interview didn’t end his career😂😂😂😂

  15. Half the people on this list have healthy careers!

  16. How has Tom cruise career ended??? He still the 3rd richest actor in the world

  17. Puuuuuuuush into the 10min mark

  18. Tom Cruise just had one of the highest grossing movies of 2018.

  19. Welp, their are shitheads Everywhere… None of this was news to me… and at least one person, Cruise, still makes Ba-Gillions of dollars with his acting career… but yeah, he's an insane fucker… for certain!!!

  20. Lol when you have to hit that 10 min mark

  21. Why is Tom Cruise on this list? His career is in no way ruined due to that interview. Wrong title for this video I say!

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