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10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing

Here are 10 laws you may have broken without even knowing it!

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Sources: http://pastebin.com/M03urYfk

Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/nemraps

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10 Laws You’ve Probably Broken Without Even Knowing

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  1. Visible erection is stupid because you can't help it

  2. Well I committed eight of these. I had an erection in public, swore in public, sung Happy Birthday in public, farted in public, used a fake profile name, pumped car gas, using a permanent marker, and used unsecured wi-Fi. Hey I wasn't the only one! I was with my brother and my dad and might I point out that our reason was very important. It was for a Pokémon giveaway.

  3. Also shut the fuck up those laws are fake

  4. Greedy fucking governments fuck them

  5. Is a fake name online really a crime if you use that "fake name" for all your social media? I mean ender rock is literaly my gmail contact, but i own the persona technically.

  6. If i put a sign saying something like "use the wifi if you want" or something like that would they be arrested

  7. maybe illegal in US witch then should be in the title then, no country in EU has this retarded shit as law…

  8. Gonna share this to gordon ramsay

  9. At the moment the happy b-day isn't copyrighted

  10. prisoner 1-what are u in here for
    prisoner 2-robbing a bank of 100000000000000 dollars
    prisoner 2-how bout you
    prisoner 1-i had a erection in public

  11. Aren't you allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon now?

  12. I have a perminit marker in my backpack and I am in Pennslyvanna… and I do more of these too LOCK ME UP

  13. You get arrested for cursing in public? Pffffy tell that to Gordon Ramsay

  14. Using a fake name online isn't the same as fucking fraud. The example of the guy committing fraud by IMPERSONATING his boss is not even anywhere close to "using a fake name online". As for going to jail for farting, what this fucker on this video didn't say is that one of the departments was sued and SETTLED outside of court.

  15. if thes are against the law you better big tons more jails and prisons were all guilty no shit

  16. Ok this is fake as he'll nope not buying this

  17. shit we all broken all thes laws lock the world up hi ha he

  18. Loopholes tend to make certain illegal things in this world legal and tend to make it much easier for people to get away with breaking the law also loopholes tend to make it easier for criminals to get their hands on firearms and because of certain loopholes that are in place tons of people have in this country have died from guns and it's no joke either because you look at the Las Vegas shooting tons of people who were victims of it died from from guns and that's why we don't need loopholes in this country because it makes it way too easy for people to get away with breaking the law

  19. Faking your social security number is one of the illegal things that people don't know that they have done because it's become rampant throughout the entire world and a lot of people fake their own social security number just so that they can get a job in this world that we live in and actually faking your social security number is a crime and no one should do it

  20. Some of these I’ve done so often, it is pointless to call them crimes now.

  21. Going through an emergency exit door is one of the illegal things that some people have done because it is against the law to go through an emergency exit door for no good reason and when it's not an emergency and if it ends up on the news and if your caught doing it then you can be charged with a misdemeanor and face jail time for it

  22. Buying liquor for other people is also against the law so if your buying your mom or one of your family members a bottle of wine don't tell the liquor store owner that your buying a bottle of wine for someone else instead keep it in your pants okay

  23. In the UK they seem to believe shagging is against the law when it's not it's actually legal and everyone does shagging when having sex on top of each other and making babaies that's shagging. I'm saying this cause i get phone calls to tell me to stop shagging. The thing is those that tell me to stop shagging they too have shagged a female in there time too. Don't know why they make it illegal for me to do shagging. It's not illegal for me to do that nor have sex. They even make it sound illegal for me to have sex too and it's not not for me.

  24. If your 21 years or older and are old enough to drink you can drink liquor but you can't just go into your parents fridge and grab your self a beer out of their fridge and do it just because you don't have a government issued id to buy liquor because you are technically breaking the law when you grab liquor out of other people's fridge because sharing liquor is illegal and if you are 21 years or older and you consume liquor without a government issued id you are also breaking the law because you are illegally consuming alcohol so therefore just keep it in your pants

  25. If your a teenager who is 15 or 16 years of age and is still in high school and chooses not to ride the school bus and instead chooses to drive your car to high school or chooses to ride your bike to high school then typically your breaking the law because you are required by state and federal law to take the school bus to school and choosing to ride a bike or choosing to drive a car to high school can get you a few years in a juvenile detention center or even community service and detention and not riding the school bus is a trip to the principals office if your in high school

  26. Why did you go to jail? I farted in public. Totally worth it😎

  27. I live in America … this is like really unusual instances . not enough that I have ever heard of these cases until this video.

  28. I not doing anything illegal with my hands I actually doing what bon jovi doing from the back of his cd. Hope ur reading this whoever accuses me of wrong doing with my hands i didn't know such thing as illegal things with thists in air don't know what it means either. I don't even understand high words at my age apart from one word. Think what else i might be doing before accusing it of illegal activity.

  29. When I was a kid i doing a play somewhere someone thought i calling him a wanker i wasn't. It part of the play being a bar tender pouring drinks which is what bar tenders do. I thought no one giong to see me there doing it i raised it a bit more.

  30. For those that think so. I wasn't two timing i thought we finished our relationship cause we wasn't seeing each other anymore they olived along away so there's no way we could have a realtionship and i never thought of two timing. It's not illegal to two time anyway not that i know off. i never saw the other one after the first day so didn't bother with the other relationship couldn't find the oother relationship. i think there's someting else odd going on one relationship that lasted for a day one jumped up in the air and then i did like that relationship was making me do that. how can a human do that if that one is human. i think that one wa an alien. if is alien was very fit.

  31. If reading this who ever u r can you please stop phoning me up everytime i do something legal and normal in my address. I don't need that kind of treatment i suppose the same one that phones me up all the time can see this too.. Seems someone is able to see me do things i don't know how. I'm not handicapped retarded, down syndrome nor needed 247 type of thing. I am actually normal under that tracheotomy voice nd asthma to me i am.

  32. Walking into a store that sells guns without a license to own a gun can actually get you some serious jail time because the law states that when you are not licensed to own a gun you are actually not to be around guns or even touch guns because that was how famous people like t.i fabolous got arrested because they were never even touched or picked up a gun and they got arrested for possessing a firearm without a license

  33. So he's saying that we've probably cheated?

  34. Yes we all know that tax evasion is a crime but state and federal law also prohibits paying employees in cash because paying your employees in cash is not good business practice and it's a crime to pay your employees in cash because paying your employees in cash is not tax evasion but there is a law that prohibits it and if your caught paying your employees in cash then the department of labor can shut you down for paying your employees in cash and you can be thrown in federal prison and be charged with paying your employees in cash

  35. Shooting off fireworks is also illegal in some states and if your caught doing it you can get a huge fine and or community service or even jail time for it because it's a crime in some states to launch fireworks

  36. Shooting each other with paintball guns is probably illegal in some states and if your caught doing it you can face assault charges and weapons charges and you could end up spending a really long time behind bars and you could even get a huge fine for it and you can end up having to do community service for a long time so if you want to do paintball you might want to check your local state laws to see if it's legal or not

  37. 3:56
    Wait you're joking right?
    Proceeds to laugh

  38. if you are doing a good time and room for nice weather and is and room no no as follows is it going well have and room no

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