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10 Lies You Thought Were True

Do you still believe in these 10 lies?

7 Things You Thought Were Illegal, But Aren’t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6BI1vnmsdE
10 Most Inappropriate Messages In Kids Shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIfirBuaV_c
5 Terrifying Predictions Of Real Life Tragedies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDUpuY9UHiE

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10 Lies You Thought Were True

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  1. Once I swallowed gum and it came out again after a month all brown and smelly FROM MY MOUTH not poop tho

  2. you forgot that sugar is just one of the combinations and add that with processed carbs and then you get what's true.

  3. Well…. your blood is actually clearish, it just red because of your red blood cells.

    it's been proven but I'm just a simple human 😶

  4. I thought it that blood was red but people told me otherwise. Now I can prove them wrong.

  5. Ooo that arthritis does NOT look comfortable(>_<)

  6. I watch top trending videos all the time and I still do

  7. I love you top trending and all your videos top trending and your voice man

  8. I love numbers 4&5 because they are both so true

  9. you see top trending in number 4 is so true our blood is red not blue! it's not blue It's red

  10. You should have put 'adult moths eat cloth' on this list.

  11. he sorta sounds like the man version of siri

  12. dude some pll have blue or green blood.

  13. is this real im scared don't scare kids IMA kid

  14. if you get hit by a penny you will get injured

  15. The gum but I have a chameleon so I know that it ain't real

  16. On 6 u would say subhanAllah

  17. 6 is still true, my cousin ( who's 12 ) sucks her thumb still and her thumb is all wrinkley and dry

  18. The thing about the grip is a LIE its not for grip

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