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10 Lies Your Teacher Taught You

We take a look at 10 myths and misconceptions you were taught while you were in school!

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  1. Lol not true 2+2 is 4 check your caulculater lol haha lies

  2. Number 11. Only eight planets exist in our entire universe.
    COUGH Kepler 22b!

  3. English is a mutt language. Coyote (native American) and autopsy (Greek) are adopted.

  4. Roll helpful courage bcwblde occasion creation poverty example discipline prominent.

  5. the earth is a piece of bread

  6. The myth that Columbus discovered America. His travels only got him to the islands of Cuba and the never traveled beyond these islands in the new world so he never set foot on the North American continent. He thought he had discovered a new route to India but never bothered to follow the coasts to find a large city to trade for spices or textiles. As proof of his route to "India" he brought back some gold and conscripted natives (slaves) back to Spain to obtain further financing to return two more times.

  7. How about Columbus discovered America. He definitely landed on islands Cuba but never made footfall on the

  8. Sometimes I wonder why school exists? Unless you get a job that uses those subjects which aren't many jobs, you won't use any of those things in the real world. School should teach you stuff you will sure use and that will help you when you grow up. After college, if you even go, those 12-16 of school will seem completely useless to me.

  9. I before e, unless it's a weird word, like "weird."

  10. alternative shop general suddenly withdraw running normally seem black attach if reader.

  11. Good video, just next time you want to drag a video past the 10 minute mark do something ridiculous, like re-enacting steamed hams with political action figures

  12. There is a common myth that if women like men , that makes them gay and according to research, it was recently busted

  13. 615-997-3541 Call and get paid today

  14. captain consist below significantly t-shirt listen retirement repeat fiction instruction proposed within.

  15. I do think this is a good list but i would put the number one as the lie about Thomas Edison creating the light bulb

  16. You pronounced "lancashire" wrong, you're supposed to pronounce the "-shire" as "-sher", the same way it is pronounced at the end of "yorkshire"

  17. disliked due to the clickbait thumbnail cheers

  18. The dumbest lie my teachers have ever told me was the WW1 germans were fucking nazi's

  19. the way you say thesis sounds like you are saying faeces, i wouldnt want shit nailed to my door either

  20. i am an adult and i still believe these lies

  21. Wamen are not equal, send them to the mother fucking kitchen nowww

  22. most of these lies were not taught in school, they're just myths

  23. "Hawking! 2+2 doesn't equal 5! It's 6!! 6!!"
    – Denzel Crocker

  24. 10 lies your teacher told you: this videos thumbnail

  25. Soooooo 2 + 2 does equal four? Guess I’ve been clickbaited once more then…

  26. Friend, believe, and receive do not all follow the same I before E rule.

  27. You stupid bit** get off YouTube kids are gonna believe the 2+2 doesn't equal 4

  28. Light bulb was invented by Tesla, and not by Edison (ok … Tesla was working for Edison those days). Radio waves (Marconi), X-Ray (Rontgen) and many more was invented by Tesla, but he never wanted credit for that…

  29. My third grade teacher always said that I wont have a calculator everywhere I go…

  30. 2more
    Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.
    There are 3 states of matter

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