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10 Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Men

Here are 10 successful models who look and feel like women, but were actually born male.

9 People Who Took Plastic Surgery Way Too Far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dwAqNStM3Q
10 Cute Kids Who Aged Badly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1axlYASg00
10 Urban Legends That Were Actually True: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqiQ7cY6jLQ

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10 Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Men

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  1. I cant, they look like woman !!!

  2. You didn't mention anything about Claudia Charriez! She tried to compete on two modeling reality shows, but when she was kicked out of both of them she still became a model!

  3. I'm quoting Ted here " there's no such thing as chick's with dicks, only guys with tits!"

  4. Referring them to She! More like dudes looks like a lady

  5. It funny because I wanna to know this because a man was like a women at a party because she was singing and I already know they are guys even my cousin say he hot lol 😂

  6. I'd definitely date them

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  8. there is nothing wrong with it.

  9. You can't trick me when I lift ya dress and pull down ya panties our nickers our bloomers I will get my 30 watt LED spot light and look examine those knockers you will not trick me and tell me you name Betty when you was born Fred no sireeeeee

  10. they are and always be males period even with hormones they are still males. that is what makes it so awful. you cant be what your not. the mind is a terrible thing to waste. and that is not homophobic its real. why do they try to push this weird shit on people who dont want to have anything to do with the freak show. i dont get replies so dont bother

  11. Guys we should stop this. No more tacos more sausage.

  12. I'm having pancakes for dinner!

  13. Deceivers are Liars they figure what they don't know won't hurt them until they find out the truth!

  14. Damn Caroline Cossey is 63. OMG

  15. I am scare. I rather be alone and single today.

  16. So do you call them he or shd

  17. I can still in their eyes they are men change the body can't change their soul.eyes are the mirror to the soul.

  18. …fak!! how come this video came sooner…damn!!! Ah…I hate you all…😁

  19. I wouldn't never of no that they were men.


  21. Everybody Everybody go in deep researching Monsanto
    U guys act like we live in a great world run by really great guys
    MONSANTO chemical experiments diplomatic immunity
    DO it research it born in the wrong body my ass c'mon

  22. I proud to be MAN 😎💪💪💪

  23. Even in european traditions long ago there were boys looking like girls called marine spirits but they never become girls but becoz of lost sheep who wanted to be big like heavy boxers chanched the culture and caused suffering. Even christ used to cast out marine spirits to avoid comfussions in the future although completely turning into a girl is unessessary.

  24. I think i can identify as a song😃

  25. I was born as a tortilla, but I feel like beans in the inside.😣

  26. g  r  O   S      S          !

  27. I just want to know, I googled up their names, and funny enough some of them actually have kids? I dont understand how, someone who is a male can actually fuck a transgender. I mean Honestly WHAT THE FUCK MAN, I feel so bad for the kid.

  28. i can believe they are men they look like it

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