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10 Most Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures

The sea is full of many mysteries, and most of it has yet to have even been discovered.

We present the 10 creepiest, weirdest, and most bizarre sea creatures discovered in our oceans to this date.

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Our list:
Goblin Shark
Zombie Worms
Basking Shark
Megamouth Shark
Giant Isopod

10 Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures

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  1. Excuse me? Can i have one as a pet?

  2. the basking shark has a throat at the size of a grape fruit or approx. 4 inches.. meaning it would die along with the human unless it tries to spit you out or slow down for you to swim out of its mouth.

  3. Attack of the zombie worms 4 you never saw it coming!!!!
    me: stop the corny horror movies

  4. I totally didn't take 5 minutes of my life just to find the first narrated video.

    I swear

  5. the basking may have a giant mouth but it's throat is like a size of an orange 😂

  6. hatchetfish what a bizzare fish


  8. The title says '10 most bizarre sea creatures' and he showed 12 sea creatures… Man, sometimes I think to hard.

  9. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!👎🏼

  10. they are worse then your girlfriend

  11. at least i do not know how to swim

  12. my friend has a Dragon fish

  13. no they cant because there mouth is only the size of a grapefruit

  14. at 0:02 he says 12 creepiest but the video is called 10 most bizarre

  15. The Basking shark actually cannot swallow a human, since it only feeds on plankton, it doesn't need a big throat, actually, the Basking shark's throat is only around the size of a grapefruit.

  16. uh..i have a dragon fish..and dont mind that other really cringy comment i said a cople years ago.

  17. these creature are better than my girlfriend ☺☺

  18. what is the thumbnail?? is it a creature

  19. @1:41 you used the wrong gender pronoun, should be her, not his. The big scary angler fish are all female, and the males only exist as parasites attached to the female.

  20. Dude marine biologists are discovering new sea creatures daily…and less than 5% of the ocean has ever been explored by humans. Trust me, theres probably some kraken shark jellyfish hybrid the size of the eiffel tower down there.

  21. the big monster is fake the one that has the big teeth is fake

  22. At the beginning of the video you said 12 most bizarre sea creatures instead of 10

  23. Goblin sharks MY FAVORITE

  24. this is why one day I will go to the marriana trench(75,848,585 ft) on a submarine

  25. It's man bear pig

    half man,half bear,half pig

    and I'm super serial!!!

  26. what about the rug shark. it is a shark the lies on the ground and when a fish comes bye it comes up and bites it for lunch. DON'T STEP ON IT!!! VERY BAD IF YOU DO!

  27. TH hatchet fish look like a scared people

  28. I did a biography project on the goblin shark!!!!!

  29. the first one is kaiju it's knife head's first evolution

  30. The only reason I was not scared was because the guys warming background music :3

  31. Basking shark basketball shark same

  32. FACT-did you know that basking sharks eat plantons only?even doe they look like human eaters…

  33. this is going to come in very handy for my project. thank you!

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