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10 Most Brilliant Criminals In History

The top 10 most brilliant heists, robberies, and criminals of all time.

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  1. You forgot one criminal from the list, the people who aren't old and retired, not disabled in any way and able to work but live off social security and welfare

  2. Who came here for ideas in the back of their mind ? 😝

  3. I think db Cooper was a cia operative getting funds for a a hush hush operation

  4. I have an IQ of 160, got 9 A*s, 5 masters degrees and 4 PHD’s.
    Once, I stole some gum from a store. I’m the smartest criminal ever.

  5. The biggest criminal in the world’s name is Rothschild and the most crooked country is Switzerland which is of course he runs as his own private thiefdom and it’s people live handsomely off of war profiteering, arms dealing, art theft and it’s illegal sales and many other crimes against humanity, christ they still have gold teeth from the Nazi loot they have in their ‘banks’ or as we know them ‘stash houses’.

  6. lol none of those was as good as pablo escobar who sold the world cocain

  7. i hacked lot of pussy's but never got caught..kudos to me lol….

  8. hey dude..u talked too much

  9. Where is Hitler and Osama Bin Laden?

  10. The smartest criminals in USA today. Republican party and Donald T. And the Catholic Church .

  11. Does anyone else notice that most of these ex con artist get at job helping comanies with securety

  12. I wouldn't call Capone's leave from prison a release. More like leaving to die and them not wanting to nurse him in prison any longer. He was so physically and mentally disabled before he got out I wonder if he knew what was going on…

  13. Admin. Have you never heard of Mr. NATWARLAL from India. Who even sold Taj Mahal Thrice.

  14. Trinng me make me a warrior help to get my head right my teaching my guild I i i tust

  15. “Think Italian Job” then show a pic of the shit remake

  16. Frank and Ted should be shot

  17. u mean me whenwever i steal some chocolate from the fridge

  18. The smartest haven’t been caught 😉

  19. Not too smart if they got caught…..🤔🤔🤔🤔

  20. Smart criminal never get caught.Only dumb criminal get caught

  21. I once stole over a dozen of tents for camping ⛺️, I added the cost afterwards and it came to €700 ($850) I got away with it but I'd never steal again I'm a changed person

  22. Bush family, Cheney family, Clinton family and many others

  23. hey buddy nice video try to explore the information about Mr. Natwarlal an indian con man you ll find it interstng

  24. The true most brilliant criminals are bankers who founded the federal banks….they could make their own money and have the whole u.s. work for them.

  25. The real smartest criminal wouldn't be on this video like if you agree

  26. Everyone likes a good heist, where would we get a good movie from then.

  27. The smartest criminals are the world's governments…. LoL.

  28. You should've listed Catholic Priest/The Pope (who lead people astray all while taking their money) as well as TV Pastors who ask for $1,000 donations. I'm also surprised that Bernie wasn't mentioned. He Madoff with quite a bit of money.

  29. My best friend George was pen pals with Ted Kakzinski when in college for pharmacy school. Ted did all his math problems for him. My friend has a I.Q. of 148 but Ted's is 175+ so Ted was more tgan happy to do his math for him. But when Ted mentioned the guy in the cell next to him wax Ramzi Yoseff the mastermind behind the 1993 world trade center bombing & bin ladens right hand man, my friend tried to contact tge F.B.I. to see if he could help with finding bin ladens whereabouts, the C.I.A. contacted & recruited him into the C.I.A. & has been working there as the pharmacist at Guantanamo bay & also in a C.I.A. prison in IRAQ

  30. This is dumb as hell! You are not successful if caught. Top 10 idiot's is more like it

  31. If they were smart robbers they wouldn't have got caught

  32. The twins were just lucky that a ridiculous law set them free. They should have been both shot.

  33. I stole money from my mum's pulse without her knowing, can I be including???

  34. What about Arnold Rothstein?

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