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10 Most Brutal Torture Methods

Death is already scary enough, but imagine going out in one of the most painfully designed ways possible!

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5 Most Disturbing 911 Calls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J22PaOglJGo
10 Most Bizarre Murder Weapons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUeTlgfRDv0
10 Children Who Committed Horrible Crimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6DEagL4aFQ

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Commentary by: http://youtube.com/baertaffy

10 Most Brutal Torture Methods

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  1. Flaying/skinning makes me sick! Just removal of skin where the flesh is showing makes me uncomfortable 😰

  2. Flaying was the most brutal. I cant imagine being boiled alive after being skinned.

  3. And at last this youtuber says thanks for watching

  4. Was doing some research for a story about torture and the video was incredibly helpful and really just awesome, great work.

  5. Why do I watch things like this

  6. Evolution of Torture Technique,
    In 21st century, there are schools!

  7. I know whats worse…


  8. You forgot "A Mathematics Class"

  9. I did not like the question "Did you enjoy?

  10. This is crazy for how these torture devices are created out of the turtures mind of ideas they come up with and why can't they just make it simple and just kill the person already instead of thinking with there sick twisted minds of turture of cry's to there ears that they consider music to them

  11. Thanks for watching and we hoped you enjoyed! Yeah nice

  12. They killed the mother and the child!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK

  13. The rack isn’t a torture method it’s a machine that help a person that as back pains

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