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10 Most Expensive Homes of Rappers

10 Most Expensive Homes of Rappers

Here are the 10 biggest and most expensive homes of rappers.

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10 Most Expensive Homes of Rappers

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  1. I think the videos would be more enjoyable if they A) got a different fucking voice fuck that guy and B) make the videos more concise

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  3. There are doctors which dont have money for food, meanwhile this commonly niggas are billionaires….

  4. being 53 million dollars in debt doesnt make you rich

  5. Tyler Perry is a rapper? What's the common denominator of this video? Why the wrong name?

  6. I understand that they worked hard to get their money and some of them are selfish pigs that got more money than they know what do with it. At the same time by no means am I trying to say what they can spend their money on but at the same time by first world problems standards they're spending their money on useless crap.

  7. My favorite song by Kanye West is heartless my favorite rapper is money man

  8. Who would gess that a $50 million dollar home has a walk in wardrobe… I'm lost for words…

  9. 14:00….did anyone else heard 16.5 million…or is it just me.

  10. Rick Ross???his Mansion is 25mil

  11. 10 most expensive home of Luciferains.

  12. just goes to show everyone that you don't have to have any talent

  13. I thought Nicki Minaj had a 12M dollar home

  14. Birdman mansion was bought by konkrete, guys can search YouTube for koncrete this fella teach us alot of experience and good staff about property.

  15. Why do people get aroused over other people riches when the persons looking in dont have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out? Wtf is wrong with people? People are loosing purpose for themselves trapped memorized off dreams and over consumption of shit they cant afford.

  16. Lil Wayne has the GTA 5 spawn point lol

  17. But dr. Dre was already raps first billionaire because of selling beats to apple

  18. My house is worth two hundred million easily 😎

  19. Some famous people almost make a house as big as a town to have all the facilities and luxury in the world.

  20. Apparently you can make a lot of money repeating the same word 1000 times on put it on a album. Who would of knew.

  21. meanwhile i can't even own a Car

  22. That's why he's with Kylie

  23. There had to be a pretty shity reason that he would sell Drake that Mansion for so cheap

  24. That's what the birdman gets for raping Lil Wayne 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  25. Lil Wayne stole my name I'm older and he isn't even a real Wayne he is a DuhWayne 🤣

  26. early

    kind of

    not really actually

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