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10 Most Spoiled Kids In The World

Here are the top 10 luckiest and most spoiled kids in the world. From billionaire heiresses to spoiled brat teenagers. These are some of the richest kids in the world!

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10 Most Spoiled Kids In The World

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  1. Number 6 is just a bitch 😠😠

  2. i had to buy my own birthday presents…

  3. Nicolette is not a brat you are

  4. Anyone can be beautiful when they are rich

  5. The girl in the pink needs some mental help

  6. wait… what about the Kardashians…

  7. ill be lucky if i get a birthday party for my birthday…

  8. On your birthday you should pray to god that you're still alive for another year.
    And getting gifts is a sin uou know.

  9. What gives me hope after the video is that Jeff Bezos is more richer than these all but still lives a simple life.


  11. I would love to shoot these people up

  12. the world is sad all these people struggling but they decide to give these people all the money

  13. 12million on a wedding did you rent the whole village

  14. smash her off the fucking macbook

  15. I think it's annoying how he talk over what happening 😒😒😒

  16. Now we're like grandparents… Saying our generation was better.

  17. My mum won’t even buy me a packet of fucking chips🤦‍♀️

  18. No wonder no one has money or just a little bit of money rich people have it all . If people gotten the same amount of money there would be no rich or poor people . this world would be a better place . the one parents who give everything to the little girl who have no money for food . they need to sell her pony and some other expensive things they bought her . they need to stop spoiling her if she dont like it so what her family has to eat not starve she is very selfish .

  19. Stupid naive spoiled brats

  20. me? i need to work first so i can have an allowance for school hahahahaha

  21. Nicolette now has a $200,000 Mercedes G63 AMG

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