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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects of All Time

10 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects of All Time

Here are the top 10 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time.

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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects of All Time

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  1. Which campaign/project is your favourite from the list? What topic would you like to see next?

  2. Nothing wrong with the current voice, but I prefer the original narrator.

  3. 5:28 "…and tap selected cards like the Taycocat/Teicocat/Taykoucat"

    Bruh, I live in Miami and I not only heard the brainfart from here, but I felt a disturbance in the Force so hard Yoda backflipped into a meat grinder while flipping the bird.

    Now Imma go to Taykoubell for a couple of nice and crunchy Teicos.

  4. wow you guys left off the most funded project in movies and tv that raised over eleven million dollars. wow. woooow. Good job critical role animated special amiright

  5. Shouldn't Star Citizen be on this list?

  6. I prefer the fidget cube while doing other things.

  7. 5:27 "taeko-cat"


  8. I worked for a company that exploded on Kickstarter. It was hell. It was the most lucrative and successful two years of my life, but it absolute hell. Incredibly stressful. Essentially small businessmen and women who don’t know how to run a huge business basically become a huge business overnight. So they have all this money that they don’t know how to spend wisely and they need to mass produce products they only have a prototype or two of. And of course figuring out how to mass produce a product that took months of work to make one single unit complete. And. Absolute. Hell. I still have nightmares about working there. No matter how success you are, you’ll still have angry backers who are pissed it took too long, which means pissy customer service calling you to tell you that you suck, despite how hard you’ve worked to put the company where they’re at. Hell. Absolute hell. Don’t ever work for a kickstarter company. Would you make some random guy president of Amazon and expect him to not sink that ship? Would you want to work at Amazon if that were the case? Probably not. But that’s basically what happens to really successful kickstarter campaigns.

  9. At 6:15 you say 20000 dollars but there is 10000 on screen.

  10. Weak views for such a following 🤷‍♀️

  11. Some of you are gonna say that the ouya isn't successful. Well, this is a video about successful kick-started, not successful products.

  12. Hello hope y’all have a beautiful and amazing day

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