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10 Most Violent Prisons On Earth

Presenting to you, 10 of the most violent prisons on earth.

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10 Most Violent Prisons On Earth

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  1. I hope in my next life I will be a norway prisoner.

  2. don't agree with this list at all if you doubt search up the prison riots in brazil, some messed up stuff, how can you have a us supermax as the most violent!!!??? madness do some research next time kid

  3. What about that one prison a that was taken over by prisoners in the 80s. It's somewhere in the us and basically the prisoners managed to take over the prison and behead other prisoners and burn the place down

  4. this is whats wrong with america.

  5. I was thinking why camp 22 wasn't on this list? And Alcatraz?

  6. crazy its bad enough if your freedom is taken, all these top trending vids are just wtf and wow lol

  7. Moral of the story, don't take what's not yours

  8. Screw it Ever heard of regular prisons that have food water and space

  9. You're screwed if you're put in bang kwang prison and you're name is kwang…

  10. i had a family member who got killed in tadmor prison , he was killed by a prison guard  

  11. Hey, what   about Guantanamo Bay 

  12. u must put gantanamo and abu ghraib prisons

  13.  I love you and I watch your channel every day after work.
     A few days ago I introduced you to my friends and they thought you were interesting.
    They all messaged me and said that they were happy and they got hooked on your videos in a instant.

    Here are the text they sent…

    "Wow where has this been? thanks!"
    "I think he is awesome"
    "Thank you for suggesting this to me! It means alot"

    Sorry If I am taking this too far lol.

  14. Post more creepy things

  15. the sound fx are so annoying. the door closing and typing is so irritating after the 3rd prison

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