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10 Objects Invented Just to Defy The Laws of Physics

These 10 objects will keep your brain wondering! Some of the coolest inventions we could find that defy the laws of physics!

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10 Objects Invented Just to Defy Physics

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  1. The problem is that if they exist, then they don’t defy any law of physics. Also, none of these are even confusing to say “they defy laws of physics”.

  2. What if they could use that starlight in car engines and get rid of the liquid cooling systems? Or maybe it would allow us even to use new energy sources that previously weren’t practical.

  3. Am I the only one who finds the picture of the guy with cat's eyes disturbing?

  4. I have an unspillable cup

  5. a hairdresser invented the top object, so much for all u PHds out there.

  6. 10 Objects Invented To Obey The Laws Of Physics… but that wouldn't sound so interesting then would it? Still some interesting stuff though.

  7. I skipped the video with the ad

  8. Srs guys, yall salty for no reason
    Yeah, physics can't be broken, he says that because it's going agaisnt the raw (emphasys on raw) laws of physics. Some of them are raw because most of objects comply 100% to them. While objects like these don't comply fully, but they do comply to an extent, there just isn't a law explaining them yet!

    Plus, this video was made to be fun and to think outside of scientist's gaze and see their words as holy laws

  9. These are very clever objects, but they hardly 'defy the laws of physics' – they may appear to, but they don't. You'd only think that if you don't know how they work.

  10. @Joe Bereta 4:00 I spot a Lumberjack Joe

  11. lets admit it, computers were created to post cat photos.

  12. 4:01 … That's Joe Bereta … curious if you have his permission

  13. I don't think this is clickbait idea…we get the idea and these devices satisfy the expectations we had. On separate note- I hate that last guy who died with his stupid secret.

  14. 7:05 anybody bothered by how the resturant wont reveal how its made

  15. @4:30 at the right panel of the poster, 'Leveraxe is safe because of it's safety hook…'
    ..It's is a contraction of the words it is. What you mean to write is, '…because of its safety hook.'
    ..Please hire a proofreader before you publish stuff. Please ?

  16. That cup changes colors i think due to the fact of the structure of how it is made.

  17. The thumbnail shows someone holding a cube like cloud meant to make us wonder what it is. That item is called Aerogel the only reason it "break the laws of physics" is because it's outstanding use is not related to physics. This item is used to insulate an item and is very affective. This item has one very defining feature and that is that all of it's liquid content is replaced with gas. A very thin sheet of this item can protect a piece of chocolate for a blow torch right underneath it. So if i put a hershey bar on top of the gel and point a torch at the bottom of the gel and turn it on the chocolate will not melt

  18. those mugs are really easy to tip over honestly

  19. “Low Low price of $1700” Sure. Yes. We all have that much money for a paper weight

  20. "Ward died in 2011 taking the secret of Starlight's composition to his grave" The article in the video reads "although you could apply it to certain objects it's longevity was no more than 2 weeks…there is one complete and superior product in testing" it doesn't seem like the narrator is matching the article he highlighted and used for this video.

  21. There are quite a few of these that I wouldn't mind either having for myself or trying at least once.

  22. 3D printer…. its 2018 anything is possible

  23. Heard the narrator 2 seconds in. stopped watching.

  24. Sales & revenues will be the ULTIMATE measure of Success & acceptance.

  25. P.s that mug is a lie. Do you recall a blonde women tipping them over cuz I do and it was funny 😂

  26. Someone should spray themselves and take a dip in a pool. That would be interesting.😂

  27. We have hover boards and flying cars….. hover boards are on the market for 7000$ and the flying car is a hybrid jet car sold for 500,000 to 1.2 million…..

  28. the last one could of helped us with a lot of things

  29. the video starts at fucking 1:01

  30. you can buy it for shows stock footage of a 5$ bill 1700 dollars!

  31. One cannot defy the laws of physics … but one can find things which defy the defective teaching of physical laws.

  32. The spray that acts as a water repelant and makes fabric waterproof is scarry. I once read of a chemical mixture in which a small quantity could render the planet's fresh water or any kind of water useless to living things!!

  33. E=mc2 is wrong. Albert Einstein was just an actor in a political theatre.

  34. XD using the waterproof spray for ejaculation

  35. They can’t defy the laws of physics. It’s one of the few things I know are impossible because even if you ‘broke a law’, you didn’t because physics allowed you to. If you ‘break a law’ it would be unimaginable. Smart people just understand these laws enough to use them in their favour.

  36. You could have talked about the magnetic levitation technology which is planned to be applied on trains in Asia, but you preferred to talk about hydrophobic sprays and unboilable eggs

  37. 10 Objects Invented Just to Show that you don't understand The Laws of Physics.

  38. ACTUALLY you can buy a Gomboc from amazon or from the Gomboc webite for about 300 usd/gbp

  39. That cup most likely works due to the plate's balances. If it leans to one side, it sticks. If the whole plate is lifted at once, it is like it never had the plate. This is why if you tried to grab it, and drag it across the desk, it wouldn't work.

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